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2010 BMW 6 Series Introduction

It is difficult to imagine how much better, more competent or more all-encompassing a high-end sport coupe or convertible could be than the BMW 6 Series. It delivers exceptional performance in all ways, brilliant handling and that arrow-like stability that defines BMW. It is also loaded with an extraordinary array of technology and luxury features.

The 2010 6 Series comes in two versions, the standard BMW 650i and the ultra-performance BMW M6. Both are available in Coupe and Convertible body styles. BMW 6 Series Coupes and Convertibles have a back seat that can fit small people in a pinch, but are really intended to move two people and their belongings in high comfort, style and safety.

The BMW 650i is a premium grand touring car. The engine is a 4.8-liter V8 of 360 horsepower and the transmission choices are a six-speed manual or six-speed Sport Automatic with shift paddles. The 650i is more luxurious than the BMW Z4 sports car, and delivers higher performance, more agility and sportier styling than the 5 Series sports sedans.

The M6 line is a 6 Series with even more performance and features. Also available as either a Coupe or Convertible, the ultra-performance M6 is powered by a 5.0-liter V10 of 500 horsepower with either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG); the SMG can be driven like an automatic or as a manual, but without a clutch pedal. The M6 also has different suspension tuning and several other enhancements appropriate to its performance level, including distinctive interior and exterior styling.

The M6 sacrifices some of the Grand Touring comforts of the 650i in favor of a more aggressive handling package and stratospheric acceleration performance. At the same time, the M6, and especially its Sequential Manual Gearbox, takes the marque in a direction some purists find distressing, increasingly transferring control of the car from its driver to its super-sophisticated electronics. For these and other reasons having to do with the operation of the SMG, we prefer the six-speed manual.

For 2010, the on-board navigation system has been updated.

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