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Pre-Owned Corporate Fleet Vehicles For Sale

If you are looking for a pre-owned corporate fleet vehicle for sale in New Jersey and the surrounding areas, then Ray Catena is the luxury vehicle sales team you need. With our help, anyone searching for a pre-owned commercial fleet vehicle can take advantage of the expansive network of dealerships that make up the Ray Catena Auto Group.

We are a luxury vehicle dealer with a wide range of both imported and domestic commercial vehicle options. Whatever your reason for searching for pre-owned commercial fleet vehicles, the team at Ray Catena can help you find what you’re looking for.

When you work with Ray Catena’s corporate fleet sales team, you get access to vehicles that include a variety of commercial vans, as well as SUVs, sedans, hybrids, and other models that are ideal for your corporate needs. Our family of dealerships provides luxury cars from brands like Mercedes-Benz, INFINITI, Lexus, Audi, and more.

What Is a Fleet Vehicle?

A commercial or fleet vehicle refers to a vehicle that is part of a group of two or more cars, vans, or trucks that a company uses as its commercial transportation. There are four main types of fleet vehicles, which include:

  • Pre-owned rental vehicles
  • Pre-owned government vehicles
  • Pre-owned company vehicles
  • Demo vehicles

Just because a pre-owned vehicle was once a fleet car, it’s not necessarily unreliable or in bad shape. In fact, at Ray Catena, we ensure all corporate fleet vehicles were well taken care of during their time in business and that they’re in good shape to give you an enjoyable, dependable ride for miles and miles to come.

Buying a Pre-owned Corporate Fleet Vehicle

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a pre-owned corporate fleet vehicle. These are precautions that should be taken when buying any pre-owned vehicle. But they are especially relevant when buying a pre-owned fleet car.

With any pre-owned vehicle that you buy, you are effectively buying its unused miles. This means that the fewer miles there are on the odometer, the better it is. Also, remember that highway miles are kinder to and gentler on a vehicle than city miles.

While the seller may offer a warranty when you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, the manufacturer’s warranty tends to be far more comprehensive. So, always try to buy a vehicle that still holds its original warranties. Of course, the more warranty left, the better.

Insist on a vehicle history report before finalizing your purpose. If the server doesn’t offer one, make sure to request it, as it usually shows more information than the seller provides. This includes info about any accident damage that a dealership may not even be aware of.

Always have a pre-owned vehicle fully inspected by a qualified independent mechanic. This is to confirm its mechanical condition as well as look for signs of rust, other water damage, and also physical damage. Any vehicle that is certified pre-owned has undergone an exhaustive inspection before receiving its certified status — so an independent inspection isn’t necessary. You may still have one done for your own peace of mind though.

Why Buy a Pre-Owned Corporate Fleet Vehicle at Ray Catena?

If you’ve been on the hunt for a “new to you” pre-owned vehicle for a while, then you’ll know that not all pre-owned vehicles are worth buying — unless you’re shopping with Ray Catena.

Each of our pre-owned corporate fleet vehicles is subjected to a comprehensive inspection before being added to our inventory with the Ray Catena stamp of approval. This means that any pre-owned commercial fleet vehicle bought from us has met the highest safety and quality standards.

Come visit our dealership and see for yourself what a quality luxury pre-owned vehicle looks like. With highly trained service technicians on hand to keep your vehicle in great shape, your pre-owned vehicle can for miles and miles on the road ahead. 

With our luxury vehicle finance service that includes lease deals and special offers on pre-owned vehicles, Ray Catena is your one-stop shop for a world-class luxury vehicle buying experience. 

Don’t hesitate to contact a Ray Catena store near you to learn more about our pre-owned corporate fleet vehicles or to find one that suits you today. Our representative are always happy to help you step into a new luxury experience.

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