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INFINITI Qs Reveal Luxury Electric Vehicle INFINITI Qs Reveal Luxury Electric Vehicle


The INFINITI Qs Electric Vehicle

The INFINITI Qs Inspiration: Electric Cars Re-Imagined

INFINITI, a leading name in affordable luxury automotive, has long challenged the auto industry with its stylish cabins, sharp exterior designs, and accessible elegance. But even we at Ray Catena were impressed by the reveal of the upcoming Qs Inspiration. This luxury electric sedan will change everything that the public knows about electric vehicles, including how they’re styled and what they can do.

Ray Catena has consistently offered the best luxury electric vehicles (LEV) to drivers in New York and New Jersey, and we can’t wait until the Qs Inspiration is available. Its features are sure to impress, especially once you step inside its unique, innovative cabin and feel its lightweight, potent engine.

INFINITI is releasing new information about this upcoming concept car frequently. Already, the INFINITI Qs Inspiration lives up to its name with one of the most moving, fascinating vehicle designs we’ve seen to date. This electric car just might make all gas-run vehicles seem like a relic of the past.

INFINITI Qs Reveal Luxury Electric Vehicle

INFINITI Qs Features Smart, Sophisticated Design Unlike Anything Else

The Qs Inspiration is a concept vehicle that has reimagined the typical sedan. Just look at its refined cabin with Japanese-inspired elegance, an aesthetic borrowing from INFINITI’s origin. The Japanese art of origami inspired the Qs Inspiration’s perfect balance of sharp, modern lines with attractively minimal surfaces.

Gorgeously Innovative Interior — There’s innovation in every thoughtful detail. Rather than simply wrapping seats in upholstery, INFINITI has layered the cabin seating with folded layers of crisp, white leather. Every seat has a lean but plush and ergonomic design that maximizes cabin space while also optimizing comfort. The striated ceiling tempers light to contribute to a sense of calm, a surprisingly rich architectural detail that may show itself in other ambient features as well.

Smart Screens Throughout — While details are few for the time being, the Qs Inspiration seems to have a widescreen color display in place of a traditional digital cluster behind the steering wheel. This will likely contain vehicle data like current driving speed and wheel rpm, as well as other details at your command. As advertised, the digital cluster displays an external view of a vehicle, which may mean that a smart, panoramic external camera system relays detailed color images right in front of the driver.

Infotainment within Reach — A low widescreen tablet in the center seems to act as the driver’s infotainment portal. Rather than perching this screen high up in the center of the console, INFINITI has shifted it lower to a position beside the steering wheel for superior access to entertainment, active safety features, and more.

An Ambiance Like Nothing Else — Rich, colorful interior cabin lighting doesn’t just provide a dignified ambiance, it cycles through a series of colors to portray certain moods. Vermillion red delivers excitement on par with the INFINITI Qs Inspiration’s thrilling performance (see more below) while soft turquoise is relaxing and meditative.

More Information to Come — INFINITI states that they’re “rethinking what makes a car, a car.” As for what other revolutionary features to expect, features that will live up to this promise, we’ll just have to stay on our toes. As we approach the approximate release date near the end of 2022 or early in 2023, INFINITI will probably reveal other exciting updates. We’re particularly excited to learn more about the infotainment and digital cluster screens in the Qs Inspiration. Feel free to let us know on social media what you’re looking forward to as well.

Sporty Driving May Shock You — This isn’t your ordinary sedan. The Qs Inspiration has sharp, aerodynamic lines that hint at potential sports car performance ratings. Its angular side doors, creased front end, and acute front windshield seem to direct the air for excellent propulsion. Such aerodynamic vehicles tend to require less power to achieve high speeds, which may increase fuel economy and extend the Qs Inspiration’s driving range.

An Aerodynamic Body Frame — Given its lightweight body frame made from state-of-the-art materials, the Qs will probably propel from 0 to 60 mph with little effort and in even less time. Electric cars have high torque and acceleration ratings across the board thanks to their motors’ instant power output. The Qs may even exceed expectations in terms of peppy, quick response for satisfying drives. Even the transmission may be revolutionary, as evidenced by the uniquely designed shifter to the driver’s right.

The Qs Inspiration also benefits from the absence of a gas combustion engine. An electric motor that will likely perch above the rear axle will give the Qs Inspiration a low center of gravity, reducing weight and enhancing grip for superior handling. The boxy, flat-bottomed steering wheel is reminiscent of race car steering, which may indicate that the Qs Inspiration will feel agile and have a tight turn radius, for quick performance driving.

Charging Technology for the INFINITI Qs Inspiration

INFINITI’s revolutionary electric car will be easy and quick to recharge. In the past, electric plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles have designed the charge-up process to feel intuitive, as if you’re pumping gas into a combustion engine vehicle, and the Qs will likely feel similar. The charging port for the Qs Inspiration isn’t visible from the side profile, which may mean that it’s located under the INFINITI badge on the front hood.

As soon as the INFINITI Qs Inspiration is available for pre-order, a Ray Catena associate can walk you through the charging process and provide other details on maintaining a luxury electric car. We’ll apply our expertise to provide unmatched customer service.

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Pricing and pre-order dates aren’t currently available. However, we will update you as soon as we have details on this fascinating concept car, currently expected to release in 2022 or 2023.

In the meantime, you can shop our entire selection of luxury electric vehicles at your local Ray Catena dealership. We are New York and New Jersey’s leading name in LEVs, including the upcoming INFINITI Qs Inspiration. Shop online and even apply for financing or a lease at your convenience.

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