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EV Charging Stations Near Me

Did you know there are over 44,000 electric car charging stations across the US and counting? As luxury electric vehicles (LEVs) gain popularity, more and more charging stations are popping up in housing facilities, shopping centers, hotels, and fuel stations nationwide. (Not to mention, they’re usually located in the best parking spots.) LEV manufacturers are even providing equipment so you can turn your driveway or garage into a fast-charging station.

One of the biggest hesitations people have about switching to electric driving is their uncertainty around vehicle charging. However, every day it becomes easier to drive an EV.

Today’s LEVs feature incredible driving ranges, starting around 250 miles (that’s NYC to Boston) and in some cases topping 400 miles (that’s NYC to North Carolina). So if you charge your vehicle overnight, you’ll rarely have to worry about charging. If you do need a charge, most LEVs give you map information on nearby charging stations. Plus, LEV charging becomes quicker with each new model that hits the market.

Bookmark this page for a quick reference on charging locations, to use when you’re outside your LEV.

Browse the map below to find a charging station near you.

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