Introducing the Mini Vision Next 100

June 16th, 2016 by

For years, we have known MINI and BMW to be leaders in forward-thinking automotive engineering and technology. With the recent talk around car-sharing heating up in the automotive industry, it would come to no surprise that BMW and Mini USA are playing coy with small hints. Like the ones you’ll find in the video MINI UK teased today (shown below.)

Here to break it down for us is the staff at The Verge: “BMW is celebrating its centenary this year, starting with the BMW Vision Next 100 concept car in March that demonstrated what a Bimmer of the distant future could look like. Today the company’s world tour arrived in London, and brought with it the debut of two intensely futuristic cars from a pair of famed British brands: the Rolls-Royce and Mini Vision Next 100 concepts.”

The staff continues: “The tagline for this concept is “Every Mini is my Mini,” and when you dig into the details of the car, you see why: it’s entirely about car-sharing. The idea is that the Mini Vision Next 100 could be called to your location with an app, arriving autonomously, ready for your use — no need to own one. The entire car adapts to whoever is currently renting it. The silver exterior acts as a projection screen, letting the driver change colors and patterns on the fly.”

We like The Verge’s theory. While we wait for the details to unfold, explore our new inventory — our showroom is filled with a variety of MINI and BMW models for all of your driving needs and pleasures.