Jaguar I-PACE Electric Vehicle

December 20th, 2017 by

Not long after Jaguar announces the release of the Jaguar E-PACE, the internet is talking about the inside look at the even newer Jaguar I-PACE. Not only is it turning heads with its sleak, sporty SUV look, but its all electric system. Jack Stewart from gives viewers an exclusive look at the highly anticipated all-electric SUV.

Stewart says, “The concept vehicle was unveiled at the LA Auto Show one year ago, where it won praise for its bold, sleek, design. Today, before the production vehicle goes on sale in 2018, the company is calibrating one of the first vehicles off the line.

Jaguar has brought the car to the LA Auto Show partially for the publicity, partly because the city is a good place for testing: the heavy traffic, hot weather, and rough pavements in Los Angeles give engineers the chance to tweak software settings for suspension, to adjust what they call NVH, for noise, vibration, and harshness. Thermal management systems need testing too, to keep both the battery and the occupants of the car cool, while still giving maximum possible range.

There’s plenty of room in the front and the back, despite the fairly compact exterior dimensions. Since the car has no engine, exhaust, or fuel tank, Jaguar’s designers could push the usable space right out to the edges of the vehicle.

 The dash is still cloaked in heavy black felt to hide the final interior design as effectively as the camo hides the exterior lines, but expect sleek touchscreens in the center console to eventually control the heat, cool, and tunes.

To compete with the likes of Tesla’s Model X, and Audi’s upcoming E-Tron Quattro electric SUVs, Jag hasn’t held back on the numbers. The I-PACE can access around 400 horsepower from two electric motors, for a 0-60 sprint in around four seconds. Range from the 90KWh battery pack will be over 250 miles, (if Jag sticks to what it showed in the concept, which is likely). That’s similar to Tesla’s top end car. Prices are likely to be top end too, but Jaguar isn’t ready to reveal that yet.”

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