Jaguar Land Rover Head-Up-Display

February 5th, 2018 by

Did you know Jaguar Land Rover vehicles have an optional new generation Head-Up Display (HUD)?

The all-new Land Rover HUD system projects essential information and navigation directions directly into the driver’s line-of-sight on the windshield.

Bigger and more versatile than the previous generation HUD, this state-of-the-art system projects a range of important information full color, including:

  1. Current gear selected, or follow mode when active
  2. Cruise control information
  3. Traffic sign recognition, including identified speed limit
  4. Current vehicle speed
  5. Turn-by-turn navigation instructions
  6. Off-road information, including slope, wheel angle and compass
  7. Phone information, including caller ID

The HUD can be controlled from an option in the instrument panel menu. Drivers can also select the HUD position the prefer, based upon their height and seat position.

Having all this information available without looking away from the road helps provide a more engaging and enjoyable driving experience that is sure to interest customers.

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