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Lexus LS Hybrid Luxury Electric Vehicle Lexus LS Hybrid Luxury Electric Vehicle


The Lexus LS Hybrid Electric Vehicle

Efficient Power and Unmatched Luxury in the Lexus LS Hybrid

As part of the Lexus Hybrid lineup, Ray Catena is proud to offer the 2022 Lexus LS 500h. This is a luxury sedan with all the class and performance of the Lexus LS 500, plus increased fuel efficiency.

LS sedans from Lexus have been in production for over 30 years, and fans of Lexus vehicles may remember the 2018 Lexus LS 500h as the last remodel. In 2022, Lexus has again revamped this model, delivering a more enjoyable and advanced driving experience. This model year revives the same power and efficiency as its predecessors, but with changes like enhanced suspension to create an almost gliding-like feeling while you drive.

The LS 500h is an exquisite luxury sedan — and a distinguished part of Ray Catena’s offering in electrified luxury.

Lexus LS Hybrid Luxury Electric Vehicle

Lexus LS Hybrid - Crafted with a Refined Touch

We at Ray Catena, like the engineers at Lexus, understand that our customers are always on the go. We know that added control, comfort, convenience, safety, and other refined features can make a major difference in your everyday experience.

A Uniquely Refined Cabin — A forward-thinking perspective has inspired the ambiance of the Lexus cabin. Features like Kiriko glass, exclusive Artwood designs, and a leather- or wood-lined interior encapsulate the luxuriousness of the Lexus label. Meanwhile, unique hand-plated trim with precise detailing references origami in its geometric, romantic design. With the LS 500h, drivers can open and close the trunk with a kick-motion sensor, completely hands-free.

Upgraded Sophistication — The Lexus LS Hybrid also borrows an F Sport exterior from its LS F Sport counterpart, with many options and packages, including special grilles, darkening effects, unique badging, and more. The most impressive addition to the LS 500h is its dark front fascia, completely elevating the hybrid sedan’s head-turning appeal.

Relaxing Ambiance for Calming Drives — The LS 500h includes ambient lighting on the inside to set the mood at night and a glass roof that stretches across the front and back seats, giving you the option to let in more light during the day. The driver’s seat is designed for maximum comfort and to limit vibrations, even on bumpy roads.

Advanced Interior Tech — Continue to get comfortable in the LS 500h with a four-zone climate control system, massage functionality in the front seats, a 12.3” touchscreen with iPhone and Android smartphone integration, and a Mark Levinson Surround Sound system with 23 speakers. You can control the dashboard screen with a seven-inch touchpad that sits at the fingertips of your right hand’s resting position. Download the Lexus app for remote start, scheduling Lexus servicing, and much more. That’s the unique difference Lexus makes in comfort and style.

Elegant and Satisfying Drive — When you drive the Lexus LS Hybrid, you are driving an elegant hybrid vehicle. It reaches an impressive top speed of 155 mph, at 354 horsepower and an efficient 30 mpg. This vehicle gives you power without sacrificing comfort. Even many sporty coupes can’t compete with that type of performance.

Choose Your Drive Style — Speaking of performance, as the driver of a Lexus LS 500h, you will be able to choose between driving styles. For speed and power, choose the Sport S+. This is the top-tier driving mode available in the LS. Of course, every driver has different preferences, so Lexus offers the ability to customize different driving modes suited to your preferences.

Smooth Performance You Can Feel — The Lexus LS Hybrid is designed to make the drive as smooth as possible while still commanding the road. Sharp turns on its 20” 10-spoke alloy wheels are crisp without compromising control.

Drive with Total Peace of Mind — Both Ray Catena and Lexus are focused on making sure you’re happy with your luxury hybrid vehicle purchase, and of course, nothing is more important than your safety. The LS 500h comes with a variety of advanced safety technology, including Pedestrian Protection, Pre-Collision Detection, Lane Tracing & Departure systems, Steering Assistance, Radar Cruise Control, Road Sign Assistance, Traction Control Systems, Brake Assist, Intelligent High Beams, and more.

Control and Safety in All Conditions — We want our customers to be prepared for the worst that mother nature has in store. Sure, it’s nice to have heated seats (and a heated steering wheel) during the winter. But Lexus thought about more than that. What happens when that sudden thunderstorm comes down? With the LS 500h, the windshield detects rain and automatically turns on the windshield wipers. On days that are icy cold, those same windshield wipers can defrost/de-ice your windshield. How many cars have that kind of technology in the wipers alone?

Total Protection and Focus — The LS 500h can assist drivers with blind-spot, rearview, and panoramic-view surveillance when merging lanes or backing up. The hybrid vehicle also includes a 24” Head Up display that features the driver’s mph and rpm, so there’s no need to take your eyes off the road. To top it all off, Lexus installs ten airbags into each one of these high-end hybrids, including airbags right at the kneecaps of the driver and passengers. This is a luxury hybrid vehicle with top-notch safety measures for all drivers and passengers.

As a self-charging hybrid, there’s never a need to plug in this vehicle. Simply refuel at your local charging station to enjoy the easy efficiency of gas and electric power working in harmony.

Lexus LS Hybrid Cars for Sale at Ray Catena

Lexus knows how to make a fine hybrid vehicle. And Ray Catena only sells the finest vehicles. If you’re looking for your next powerful, sophisticated, and efficient vehicle, look no further than Ray Catena Auto Group — the Legend in Electrified Luxury — and visit one of our Lexus dealerships to experience the Lexus LS 500h.

Visit a Ray Catena dealership today to test drive and take home your Lexus LS Hybrid, available at a starting price of only $90,500. Leases start at 12-month intervals, and representatives are available for further information on financing when you shop at Ray Catena, the Tri-State’s leader in luxury hybrid vehicles.


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