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Luxury Electric Vehicles Luxury Electric Vehicles

It’s a new era in luxury driving.

Welcome to the new world of luxury electric vehicles.

If you’ve never driven an EV, you’re in for a thrill. If you’re an EV driver already, you’re about to discover an expanding and evolving array of luxury electric vehicles (LEVs), as the world steps into a new era of luxury driving.

We’re all seeing more electric cars on the road today. The technology has been established, and it’s becoming more powerful, efficient, and sophisticated.

Every major car maker, including the entire Ray Catena family of premium brands, is now entering the EV arena.

Your journey begins here — We’ve designed this hub to help you become more knowledgeable and discover who you are as an LEV driver. This is your complete view of the LEV landscape, with all the information you need to optimize your journey.

You may have questions — What’s it like to own an LEV? What are my options? What’s charging like? What technology is available in these cars? How does it feel to drive an LEV? Where can I service my LEV?

The answers to these questions are evolving with every new technology developed, every new model released, and every new milestone reached. Ray Catena is here to keep you up to date.

In this LEV hub — You’ll learn how a fully charged battery compares to a full tank of gas, how LEVs are evolving and the driving experience, what options are available among top luxury brands, and much more.

So if you’re wondering, in this new era of luxury driving—Which electric vehicle represents me? What LEV will I step into every morning?

You’ll find out right here.

Click below to shop LEVs across all Ray Catena brands, view competitive lease offers, or learn about the world of luxury electric driving.

Luxury Electric Vehicles

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Luxury Electric Vehicles

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Luxury Electric Vehicle Lease Offers

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