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June 22nd, 2022 by

The Lexus LC Hybrid is a rare luxury hybrid convertible. The most thrilling model in the Lexus hybrid lineup, the LC Hybrid has over 350 horsepower and significantly enhanced efficiency. At Ray Catena, we’re the regional leader in LEVs, and our expert knowledge can help you choose from Lexus’s diverse hybrid models.

Fans of convertibles don’t have many options on the luxury electric vehicle market. Thankfully, Lexus has us covered with the Lexus LC Hybrid. The Lexus LC Hybrid is easily one of the most exhilarating hybrid or electric vehicles available today. Few other models combine style, thrill, power, and efficiency like the LC Hybrid. Here are some of the many highlights of this impressive hybrid.

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Fuel Efficiency of the Lexus LC Hybrid

Unlike plug-in hybrids, the Lexus LC Hybrid does not require a plug to be charged up. Rather, the vehicle’s dual gas and electric engines operate in conjunction with one another. The gas motor recharges the electric battery while you drive. This makes the LC Hybrid a convenient option for drivers who don’t have easy access to electric charging stations.

Because of the hybrid engine, the LC Hybrid is also significantly more efficient than the other models in the Lexus LC line. The standard gas powered LC convertible gets just 19 combined miles per gallon. By contrast, the Lexus LC Hybrid gets a highly-efficient 29 combined MPG. That difference can save the driver hundreds of dollars per year, on top of being much healthier for the environment.

Lexus LC Hybrid Luxury Electric VehicleLexus LC Hybrid – Speed and Performance

It is rare to find a car as efficient as the LC Hybrid that packs this much of a punch. The 354 horsepower, 3.5L engine reaches top speeds of 155 miles per hour. Cruising in a powerful convertible like this is already an exciting feeling. Doing so while operating on effortless hybrid efficiency just makes the experience even greater.

Lexus also made it a point to enhance the steering and suspension on all 2022 LC models. This includes the LC Hybrid, so drivers can be assured that their hybrid convertible will always provide a tremendous ride. The elliptical steering wheel adds a simple touch of elegance and practicality, contributing to the LC Hybrid’s more responsive handling.

Simply put, anyone who enjoys an exhilarating and refined driving experience will love their time in the Lexus LC Hybrid.

Lexus LC Hybrid Luxury Electric Vehicle

Lexus LC Hybrid – Design and Technology

The LC Hybrid’s soft top convertible roof can be opened or closed in just 15 seconds. When open, the roof stores neatly in a special rear compartment without interfering with cargo space. Whether your roof is up or down, the LC Hybrid boasts an incredibly sleek and powerful design. Low to the ground with an extended hood and oversized front grille, the LC Hybrid looks as powerful as it feels.

The cabin touchscreen is smaller than in other Lexus models, but that is a functional necessity of the convertible. In spite of this, the LC Hybrid does not sacrifice any style or technology. Advanced safety features and an impressive array of customizable options also highlight the 2022 Lexus LC Hybrid.

Cost of Ownership of the Lexus LC Hybrid

The 2022 Lexus LC Hybrid starts at $97,610. A special bespoke build can add an additional $4000 to the price tag. Other optional add on features can be installed per your preference for small additional fees. Like other outstanding Lexus vehicles, the LC Hybrid offers excellent customization.

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