Mercedes AMG EQE SUV Review

August 10th, 2023 by

The Mercedes AMG EQE SUV is the first electric SUV model belonging to the Mercedes AMG brand. It combines high-end luxury with thrilling sport-style performance.

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A front look of the Mercedes AMG EQE SUV parked by the beach.2023 has been an eventful year for Mercedes-Benz and its lineup of luxury electric vehicles. The Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV was introduced to go along with the EQE sedan. And with the EQE SUV, the automaker also unveiled the brand new Mercedes AMG EQE SUV. The AMG SUV is a specially-engineered model designed for sport performance and high-powered driving. 

It is the first electric SUV to be produced by Mercedes AMG engineers, making it one of the most intriguing debut models this year. Here is everything you should know about the new Mercedes AMG EQE SUV.

AMG Performance

If you’re not familiar with the Mercedes AMG branding, it can be difficult to understand what makes this model so unique. Mercedes AMG is a subsidiary line of vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. AMG vehicles are specially designed to offer high-end sport performance with an array of unique luxury accents and features. 

The AMG brand has been producing top-end vehicles for Mercedes-Benz for decades. As the automaker has begun to roll out its electric lineup, new electric AMG models have slowly been introduced.

The Mercedes AMG EQE SUV is the first SUV to wear the AMG name, and it does not disappoint. With a pair of permanently synchronous motors, the AMG EQE SUV generates up to 677 horsepower and 738 lb.-ft. of torque. Compare that to the 288 HP and 564 lb.-ft. of torque of the standard EQE SUV, and it’s easy to get excited about the AMG EQE SUV. That exceptional power is combined with specially-crafted rear-axle steering and air suspension for incredibly responsive steering. Despite the SUV frame, the AMG EQE SUV offers a driving experience closer to that of a luxury sports car. 

While Mercedes has not released an official range estimate, the all-electric AMG EQE SUV is expected to have a range somewhere around 250 miles.

Available Drive Modes

The Mercedes AMG EQE SUV is clearly capable of a lot more on the road than your standard SUV. But Mercedes has also equipped the AMG EQE SUV with several unique drive modes to suit any conditions. 

Using Dynamic Select, drivers can cycle between “Balanced,” “Sport,” and “Powerful” drive modes based on the road conditions. And the best thing is these controls are easily accessible from buttons located on the AMG Performance steering wheel. This helps keep the driver’s focus on the road for maximum performance and safety while enjoying all that the vehicle has to offer.

Flashy Luxury Accents

Both inside and out, the Mercedes AMG EQE SUV is a flashy and eye-catching vehicle. The model’s exterior is designed with fewer joints to create a more smooth and seamless appearance. This gives it the look of a futuristic, high-performance vehicle. It also displays the AMG badge on both the front and rear, signaling the high-performance luxury of the model.

Inside, the AMG EQE SUV is built for both comfort and exhilaration. The AMG Performance steering wheel, with its two-spoke design and flattened bottom, gives a race car feel and precise handling. Uniquely patterned MB-Tex AMG upholstery on the front and rear seats offer sport seating and comfort to enhance the thrill of the ride. Every part of the AMG EQE creates a dazzling display of seamless, sleek, and futuristic driving capabilities.

Multimedia Extravagance

As other Mercedes-Benz LEV models have shown, Mercedes spares no expense when it comes to offering the best in high-tech features. The Mercedes AMG EQE SUV is absolutely no exception, coming equipped with all of the best features the brand has to offer. The MBUX Hyperscreen is available on all AMG models, providing the driver and front passenger with easy access to everything they need. Dual-zone climate control, onboard navigation, and premium surround sound audio with simple Bluetooth connectivity make the AMG EQE SUV a pleasure to ride in. 

With front and rear charging available, and optional in-car WiFi, there is no end to the entertainment options aboard the AMG EQE SUV.

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