What Is Mercedes me Charge?

June 5th, 2023 by

Mercedes me Charge is a feature of the Mercedes apps that allows Mercedes-EQ drivers to find public charging stations. It also processes charging payments quickly and easier for a more convenient charging experience.

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Mercedes me Charge is a feature available for Mercedes-Benz luxury electric vehicles through the Mercedes me Connect app. Mercedes me Connect offers Mercedes-Benz EV owners a wide range of connectivity features. In addition to better charging accessibility, the app also allows things like remote starting, navigation, and real-time vehicle data updates.

The Mercedes me app is free to download and unlocks all of the features listed above. Here is everything you should know about using the Mercedes me Charge feature.

Getting Started With Mercedes me Charge

The first step to getting started is simply downloading the Mercedes me app on your phone. After this, you will need to connect your Mercedes EQ vehicle to your account. Your Mercedes-Benz dealer should be able to help with the registration process if you have any questions.

Once the vehicle is registered, you should see an icon for Mercedes me Charge on the bottom of your screen. Select this, and follow the prompts to enter your payment information. Mercedes-Benz owners are provided with a RFID card for charging payments, but it is not required to register this as your payment method.

Once you are registered for Mercedes me Charge, you can quickly and easily access any eligible public chargers around the country. Mercedes partners with ChargePoint, but drivers can also access charging stations from Electrify America and EVgo.

What Does Mercedes me Charge Do?

Mercedes me Charge offers a couple of features that makes charging your Mercedes-Benz LEV much easier.

First, Mercedes me Charge makes it simple to search for and locate public charging stations anywhere in America. Drivers can view all nearby charging stations and filter by charging speeds. The app uses visual icons to display the different levels of available charging stations. Drivers can also set directions to their desired charging station directly from Mercedes me Charge.

In addition to helping locate charging stations, Mercedes me Charge also facilitates charging payments. When you enter your payment information on the Mercedes me app, you unlock “Plug and Charge” charging. This allows drivers to simply plug their vehicle into a public charger, and their payment is processed automatically. This feature is available on all Mercedes-Benz LEV models except for the EQB.

Activating Mercedes me Charge also unlocks two years of unlimited, complimentary 30-minute charging sessions at any Electrify America DC Fast Charging station. Electrify America currently has the largest network of public charging stations in the country, with more than 3500 DC Fast Charging stations.

How Much Does Mercedes me Charge Cost?

The Mercedes me app is free to download, and it does not cost anything to register for Mercedes me Charge. However, accessing public charging sessions does cost money. The Mercedes me Charge app simply provides an easy way to process payments when charging a Mercedes vehicle.

Mercedes me Charge is one of many features that makes a Mercedes-Benz LEV a tremendous option. Read about the 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS or EQB to learn more about the current LEV models from Mercedes-Benz.

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