The Hidden Benefit of Owning a Luxury Electric Vehicle

December 21st, 2022 by

Everyone knows about the major benefits that come with owning an electric vehicle. Namely, EVs allow you to save on gas and cut down on your emissions. Additionally, many of the top luxury electric vehicles represent the best of the best cars available, with the most advanced tech on the road. 

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But what many people may not know is that EVs also come with a handful of hidden incentives as well. Federal and state government agencies alike want more people to switch to EVs, as do auto manufacturers. So many EV drivers can benefit both directly and indirectly from their EV ownership. Here are some of the best-hidden benefits of owning a luxury electric vehicle.

Using the HOV LaneMercedes Benz EQB

The HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lane was introduced in various types of highways across the country decades ago in an effort to reduce the number of cars on the road. The idea was that offering a “first class” driving lane for carpoolers would cut down on traffic congestion on highways. The intention was to also reduce overall emissions. The concept was a mild success, but not to the originally projected extent.

That’s slowly changing with the increased popularity of electric vehicles. Most states now allow electric vehicles to use the HOV lane at any time, regardless of occupancy. This means you can use the HOV lane even if you are driving by yourself. But this hidden benefit is not widely advertised, and thus most drivers are unaware of it. This is just one example of the subtle conveniences available to EV drivers.

Electric Vehicle Owner Tax Credits

Another major incentive for EV owners is the available state and federal tax credits. In most cases, purchasing a new electric vehicle qualifies individuals for a federal tax incentive of up to $7500. In addition to this federal tax credit, most state governments also offer their own incentives for EV owners.

Be sure to check with your electric vehicle dealer when buying a new EV to learn about available tax incentives: At Ray Catena Auto Group, our helpful staff can direct you to all the information you need in this area. At the very least, all owners should be able to qualify for the federal tax credit.

Optimized Driving PerformanceJaguar Luxury Electric Vehicles

One thing that doesn’t get talked about enough with luxury electric vehicles is how well they perform as vehicles. We tend to focus more on the “electric” part, but not so much on the “vehicle”. This undersells the value of EVs, as they are built to perform better than traditional gas-engine cars in a number of ways.

First, the electric motor on an EV takes less time to maximum power than a gas engine. This means EV drivers can enjoy better torque and faster acceleration than other drivers.

Second, because of the way electric vehicles are built, they have a lower center of gravity. The heavy electric battery is usually positioned underneath the floorboards of an EV. Compare this to a traditional car, where the engine is located under the hood. This lower center of gravity leads to better aerodynamics and stability, leading to improved handling.

And third, the electric motor of EVs produces a near-silent driving experience. This makes your commute more peaceful than ever, with no disruptive engine noises.

Potential Time Savings

One of the highlights of driving an EV is you’ll never need to stop for gas ever again. This poses a huge benefit to not just your wallet, but also in saved time. Even plug-in hybrid EVs require significantly less gasoline.

Fewer trips to the gas station means more time spent focusing on what matters most. Of course, stopping to charge on longer trips is still a necessity. But for shorter, day-to-day trips, the convenience of overnight charging at home saves drivers both money and time.

At Ray Catena Auto Group, our knowledgeable staff is ready to advise you on every aspect of owning and driving a luxury electric car. Find your nearest dealership location or learn how to determine the best LEV for you.

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