What Does CPO Mean?

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The market for used vehicles can be difficult to navigate. Any buyer wants to find an affordable vehicle, but more importantly, it is reliable. The last thing they want is to purchase a vehicle that breaks down on them in a few months. 

So, how can buyers be sure they are spending money on a reliable used vehicle? Well, buying a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle is one way for customers to ensure they are getting a decent vehicle. Some browsing the market may have seen CPO vehicles but don’t fully understand this term.

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Ray Catena Pre-OwnedWhat is a CPO Vehicle?


A CPO vehicle is a gently used vehicle that must pass a set of manufacturer requirements. Firstly, to qualify for a CPO program, a vehicle needs to fit certain mileage and age requirements, which can vary between manufacturers.

For example, Mercedes-Benz vehicle must be less than six years old and under 75,000 miles. These stringent criteria ensure that only the most reliable vehicles enter the CPO program. 

The vehicle will then receive a thorough inspection across the interior, exterior, and powertrain to ensure nothing is wrong with it. If there are any mechanical issues, they are repaired, and the vehicle is then road-tested. 

After the vehicle passes these requirements, it can be dubbed a CPO vehicle. These vehicles also get additional warranty protection from the manufacturer and sometimes some extras, such as roadside assistance, complimentary loaners, and more. If the factory warranty still covers the vehicle, this will transfer to the new owner. If the vehicle is past the warranty, manufacturers will typically provide another year of warranty protection, with the option to purchase additional 1 or 2 years of coverage. 

Keep in mind that a CPO vehicle is a very specific title. Some dealerships may try to make a vehicle seem better by putting a “certified” sticker on the windshield. However, this does not mean that it is a CPO vehicle. CPO vehicles have manufacturer requirements that must be followed. 

The Cost of CPO Vehicles

The one thing to note about CPO vehicles is that they will be more expensive than typical used cars. However, this is because of the rigorous requirements and the assurance that they are quality vehicles. 

So, while it will be an additional upfront cost, it can easily save buyers money that would have been spent on repairs or maintenance in the long run. Or, in some cases, having to buy a completely new vehicle. 

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