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BMW i4 Luxury Electric Vehicle BMW i4 Luxury Electric Vehicle


The BMW i4 Electric Vehicle

The BMW i4 — A New Contender for the Best Electric Sports Car

Who says that electric vehicles have to be restrained? Why can’t all-electric power generate thrilling sports car performance? BMW has broken barriers with the new i4. This model is an all-electric coupe that delivers daring performance drives without gas or diesel fuel.

BMW, the German manufacturer of pristine luxury vehicles, has delivered yet another high-quality vehicle in their i4 coupe. Where other luxury electric vehicles (LEVs) try to compete with similar gas-engine vehicles, the BMW i4 outpaces them all. And, unlike other coupes, this one offers seating for up to 5 adults. Back for its second model year, the i4 continues to excel and pave the way for an electric future.

Read on for some of the most fascinating features of the 2024 BMW i4. These features include incredible tech, electric charging technology, and performance specs. This makes this electric car an important player in the new generation of electrified luxury.

BMW i4 Luxury Electric Vehicle

The Latest Tech Enhancements in the BMW i4

Electric-powered cars use well-researched technology in their engineering, and BMW has gone a step further. Every aspect of this 2024 LEV is imbued with the latest tech enhancements. It offers a futuristic experience with the same classic comforts you’ve come to expect from BMW.

A Distinctively Refined Cabin

The cabin is lush and detailed with available light-dark color contrast schemes that are characteristically BMW. Materials are durable and long-lasting, and, depending on the upholstery you select, temperature-resistant surfaces stay comfortable year-round. 

The i4 also seats up to 5 passengers with plenty of leg and neck room. Storage compartments are generous in capacity, but thanks to the i4’s smart cabin design, they aren’t bulky.

Advanced Connectivity and Safety

The i4 will also contain BMW’s brand-new, reinvented infotainment system, iDrive 8. It’s faster and more intuitive than ever, plus the 14.9-inch touchscreen is wider than most handheld smart tablets. It sits perfectly on the center console and is integrated with the digital 12.3-inch instrument panel right behind the steering wheel. You can interact with these screens by touch, using the rotary button on the console, or via voice commands.

iDrive Leads the Way in Infotainment Tech

iDrive 8 is available in several BMW models but was introduced along with the i4 in 2022. Of course, this new infotainment device offers all of the features you’d expect, including:

  • Driver presets
  • Hands-free calling
  • Access to Apple and Android smartphone apps like Apple Podcasts
  • A 5G mobile hotspot

Stay connected or even productive on the go thanks to the 2024 BMW i4’s quick internet connection.

The Latest and Greatest Safety Features

Safety technology is prominent in the 2024 i4. As thrilling as its driving performance may be, BMW always encourages safe driving. Features like forward collision warning and automated emergency braking are standard. Plus, they’re fast enough to react before you do. Lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist also come built-in. 

For even more convenience while you drive, upgrade your safety suite to include adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go technology. Your i4 will sense other vehicles and changes to the road conditions for safe, steady driving.

Sporty Performance You Won’t Believe

The new BMW i4 is just as thrilling to drive as its alluring, muscular, and compact shape would suggest. Its ultra-powerful electric motor sits directly above the rear axle. Here is where it churns out 335 horsepower and enough accelerating energy to climb from 0 to 60 mpg in 5.5 seconds. 

Upgrade to the M50 engine for even more thrilling electric power, including horsepower ratings of 536 and an enormous 586 lb-ft of torque. Zoom from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds. That’s fast enough to make your passengers grip their armrests!

The BMW i4 has a standard eDrive40 edition alongside the superpowered M50. And this isn’t even the only electric car in the BMW family. Other performance features include an available adaptive damper system, fine-tuned suspension, and variable-ratio sport steering. All of these performance features provide racetrack-ready agility and handling. Meanwhile, the brakes are firm and quick to react, even when you’re testing the i4’s speed limits.

The Perks of Going Electric with BMW

You sacrifice little when you make the switch to luxury electric driving. Of course, this is true when you choose a vehicle as advanced as a BMW. The 2024 i4’s 81.5 kWh battery pack will carry enough energy to travel up to 300 miles on a single charge. That’s enough for several hours of driving—no visits to the charging station needed.

When it’s time to recharge, let the BMW Charging Program come to your aid. These solutions are ideal for travelers who want to embrace electric-powered impact without inconvenience. Solutions include the BMW Wallbox, a rapid Level 2 charger that you can install in your garage or on your driveway.

Access public stations for charging on the go, or connect via the onboard Flexible Fast Charger. This handy charging cord connects from the appropriate port on your i4 to any 120V or 240V outlet–the kinds of outlets. You can find these outlets in almost any building or rest stop nationwide. This Flexible Fat Charger can refill your battery to 100% in less than 9 hours.

Due to these charging times, many people prefer to charge at home overnight. Plug your i4 into the appropriate port, and you’re all set to drive the next morning. It’s easy to fill up using renewable electric energy. Thanks to tax incentives and superior fuel economy ratings, you also save money when you do your part.

Shop All Things BMW with Ray Catena

The 2024 BMW i4 is available in four models: the eDrive 35, eDrive 40, xDrive 40, and M50. The entry-level eDrive 35 has a starting price of $53,195. The mid-level eDrive 40 starts at $58,295, offering slightly better performance, and the xDrive 40 offers another step up at $60,945. The M50 starts at $70,695, offering more advanced features, better performance, and even more luxury.

Get to know the BMW i4 with Ray Catena — the Legend in Electrified Luxury.

Ready to experience the thrill of a BMW luxury electric vehicle? Visit one of Ray Catena Auto Group’s convenient locations across New Jersey and New York. We can help you get behind the wheel of your very own 2024 BMW i4. We’ll also introduce you to the great selection of other electric and hybrid luxury vehicles in our inventory. You can also shop online to browse cars, get updates on car availability, and apply for financing or a lease.

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