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Mini Cooper SE Luxury Electric Vehicle Mini Cooper SE Luxury Electric Vehicle


Mini Cooper Luxury Electric Cars

MINI Leads the Way in Compact LEVs, with Stylish New Electric MINI Coopers


Refined and fun to drive, automotive brand MINI is the designer of compact cars packed with personality. Their iconic, compact car body style began as a solution to fuel shortages and stressful commutes through busy urban streets. Today, MINI vehicles don’t just provide a more efficient form of transportation, every MINI is also designed for optimal comfort, technology, and performance in a miniature package.

MINI belongs to the BMW family of automotive brands, the German automaker behind some of the world’s finest luxury vehicles. Like vehicles made by Rolls-Royce, another group under the BMW umbrella, MINI cars are so distinctive and popular on their own that they deserve their own label. These iconic vehicles are far more versatile than you might expect, which is why most converts to the MINI label never go back to traditional sedans or SUVs.

Now, Ray Catena Auto Group — the Legend in Electrified Luxury — proudly sells this urban automotive brand’s line of all-electric vehicles. Thanks to advanced electric motors and batteries, these MINIs are smarter, more efficient, longer-lasting, and more cutting-edge than ever. We can’t wait to show you our inventory of luxury electric cars from the MINI brand.

Mini Cooper SE Luxury Electric Vehicle

Ray Catena Delivers Electric MINI Excellence

MINI vehicles were instantly popular in Britain for their great performance, maneuverability, low price, and excellent fuel economy. While they’ve undergone a few exciting transformations over the years since they launched, the choice to produce an electric version of their popular MINI Cooper has certainly made waves.

Many drivers who are unfamiliar with electric driving or the unique body style of the MINI brand vehicles may be hesitant to try out the latest models. However, once you experience a MINI for yourself, you may be surprised at how much you love it. The only way to truly know if a MINI is right for you is to test drive a model.

No other dealership in New York or New Jersey offers such an outstanding selection. We make it easy for you to find a car you’ll love, get all the best features that MINI has to offer, and customize your vehicle with optional equipment packages and more.

The Power of Electric Engineering

In 2008, MINI took a step ahead of the game and produced the MINI E, an electric car largely produced for research purposes. They released this specially designed model to a private group of researchers and testers. In time, MINI would revamp and tweak this car to perfection.

Now, MINI has released a revolutionary, intelligent electric car. Not only is it designed to compete with gas and diesel-powered vehicles, but it’s also designed to outperform them in just about every category. Efficient, refined, and sustainable, this is the new electric MINI Cooper.

2022 MINI Cooper SE Hardtop 2 Door — It may have a long name, but it often goes by the shorthand name Electric MINI Cooper. This is MINI’s entry into the market of 100% electric-powered vehicles, touting an incredible 102 mpg equivalent. While there are several sedans and SUVs in the electric market, MINI answered its fans with a modernized, electric version of its popular compact car. There’s nothing like it in the luxury electric vehicle (LEV) market. Learn more about this unique and innovative car here.


What is the range of the electric MINI cooper?

If you’re interested in a MINI vehicle, why should you choose the electric MINI Cooper? Its fuel economy ratings save you money every time you drive. Not only does its electric power last longer but it offers an extended driving range and low-emissions driving. Electricity is typically cheaper as a fuel source than gasoline or diesel fuel, so you save money every single time you fuel up your new electric MINI Cooper.

This is perhaps the most affordable LEV on the market, and in fact, some states offer other cost benefits, like tax breaks and financial incentives, when you choose an electric car. You may even get access to special electric car charging stations, convenient compact car parking spots, and more. With so many reasons to upgrade, there’s simply no more reason to settle for old-fashioned gas vehicles.

Ray Catena makes it easy for you to upgrade, too. Our knowledgeable sales team can provide a brief tutorial on how to charge an electric car, offer advice on maintaining your MINI, and answer any other questions you may have about this luxury brand or its products in our inventory.

Electric MINI Coopers for Sale at Ray Catena Auto Group

Are you ready for a modern driving experience like nothing else? Ray Catena Auto Group is your resource for all things MINI, including the revolutionary, new Mini Cooper SE Hardtop 2 Door. The MINI brand is also famous for its great pricing, and we are happy to pass these savings on to drivers like you. 

Visit your New York or New Jersey Ray Catena MINI dealership to explore this smart electric car, learn more about its available features, and even get a tutorial on driving an electric car for the first time. Or, shop online to browse our entire inventory of luxury electric vehicles at your convenience.

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