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June 21st, 2022 by

The MINI Cooper SE is the MINI brand’s first all-electric vehicle. The SE offers exceptional sporty handling but has a limited battery range – at Ray Catena, we can help you understand the features of all the cars in our expansive LEV inventory and compare to find your ideal LEV.

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One of the most iconic luxury cars on the road for years has been the classic MINI Cooper. And as manufacturers all over the globe begin to shift toward electric vehicles, MINI has joined in. The MINI Cooper SE is a strong debut from this prestigious manufacturer of fun, exhilarating compact cars. Here is everything you need to know about the new MINI Cooper SE Hardtop EV.

MINI Cooper SE Range

If there is a drawback to the MINI Cooper SE, it’s that it has a limited driving range. The SE can only travel a distance of 114 miles before needing to be recharged. While this number is on the lower end for current LEVs, the SE does have a few things working in its favor. The electric MINI Cooper’s Level 2 charge time is very fast, charging at a rate of up to 30 miles added per hour. Second, because the MINI Cooper thrives as a city car, most drivers will frequently be within range of charging stations.

MINI Cooper SE Luxury Electric VehicleMINI Cooper SE Speed and Performance

The MINI Cooper SE has a top speed of 93 MPH. With 181 available horsepower, the compact car accelerates smoothly and powerfully. Of course, most drivers do not choose MINI Cooper models because they are seeking a rugged off-road vehicle. This classic compact car thrives as a fun and sporty driving experience. The compact frame is specifically designed to optimize aerodynamics for unmatched performance. Ultra quick and responsive handling accompanies that performance for an endlessly exciting driving experience. While its range and compact frame are not ideal for long road trips, the SE is ideal for day-to-day driving. Especially in urban areas with easier access to charging stations, the SE is an efficient and exciting mode of transportation.

MINI Cooper SE Design

While the iconic MINI Cooper silhouette is unchanged, the manufacturer has made tweaks to the exterior of this model. A larger front grille and rounded LED headlights help the electric SE stand out from its gas-powered counterparts. Aside from that, the frame remains largely unchanged. Lightweight steel and aluminum help to keep the compact car aerodynamic.

The SE’s interior has also received some modern refurbishments. An enhanced touchscreen and Dynamic Digital Cluster have replaced older features from MINI’s gas models.

MINI Cooper SE Technology

The enhanced, rounded touchscreen display serves as your infotainment hub in the MINI Cooper SE. This screen also helps display safety warnings, like the standard lane departure assist and blind-spot warning.

Active cruise control, Head-up display, and automatic parking assist are all available features that make driving the SE even easier. Another great luxury feature that many drivers opt for is the heated steering wheel. This feature is particularly popular in colder climates, helping drivers stay comfortable as they enjoy their pristine ride in the SE.

MINI Cooper SE Cost of Ownership

The MINI Cooper SE starts at a very great rate of $29,900, making it one of the most affordable LEV models available. With the optional Iconic trim, drivers can add a set of luxury features for $3,000. Highlights of this package include Apple CarPlay, a heated steering wheel, Head Up display, and a full choice of paint colors.

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