Which LEV has the Best Price?

June 23rd, 2022 by

The fully-electric MINI Cooper SE Hardtop is one of the most affordable luxury electric vehicles, starting at $29,900. The INFINITI Q50 hybrid is the most affordable LEV hybrid, at $30,000. At Ray Catena Auto Group, we’re the regional LEV experts and we can help you compare these models plus the many others we have in our inventory.

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One of the factors that has been holding electric vehicles back in recent years has been price. But as EV manufacturers continue to perfect their craft, all-electric and hybrid models are becoming more affordable. Today, even many luxury electric vehicles have affordable price tags. Here is a breakdown of some of the best prices for luxury electric vehicles, as well as other model highlights.

BMW i3 Luxury Electric VehiclesBMW i3 – $44,450

BMW is one of the most trusted and recognizable names in luxury vehicles. The German manufacturer has released many luxury electric vehicles in recent years. Their most affordable model is the i3, starting at just $44,450.

The i3 is a stylish compact car. Lightweight and aerodynamic, the i3 offers very smooth handling and more power than you would expect. The i3 has a standard range of 163 miles, but with the optional range extender, that number increases to 200. And as is always the case with BMW, i3 drivers will be treated to an elegant and comfortable driving experience.

Lexus NX Luxury Electric VehicleLexus NX Plug-in Hybrid – $40,160

There are a few other affordably-priced Lexus hybrid models that can share this spot on the list. But we’re choosing to focus on the NX plug-in because it provides the most value at a shade over $40,000.

The NX Plug-in is regarded as one of the best plug-in hybrids available in 2022. So that $40,160 price tag is an incredible bargain. First and foremost, all Lexus vehicles are among the safest cars on the road. Beyond that, the NX plug-in also has up to 36 miles of all-electric range, far exceeding the range of its plug-in competitors. And that is to say nothing of the many luxury features that come standard in any Lexus vehicle.

Infiniti Q50 Plug In HybridINFINITI Q50 Hybrid – $30,000

While INFINITI has now turned its attention to much-anticipated all-electric models, the Q50 plug-in hybrid remains a very affordable LEV. The 2018 model of the Q50 starts at just $30,000 and still exceeds the performance of many other LEV hybrids on the market. The Q50’s advanced safety features include blind-spot detection and lane departure warning.

Of course, the main advantage of most hybrids is their efficiency. The Q50 hybrid gets a very strong 36 MPH on the highway, compared to its gas engine counterpart’s 29 MPG. The Q50 hybrid is a great choice for drivers looking to test the LEV waters.

MINI Cooper SE Luxury Electric VehicleMINI Cooper SE Hardtop – $29,900

The best price on the LEV market belongs to the new, all-electric MINI Cooper SE Hardtop. This vehicle is MINI’s first venture into the EV marketplace. Perhaps the only drawback to this model is its somewhat diminished range (114 miles). However, everything else about this LEV makes it a steal at just under $30,000. The compact MINI Cooper has long offered one of the most exhilarating driving experiences anywhere in the world. The SE Hardtop does not sacrifice any of the thrills or precision of its gas engine predecessors. Buyers looking for a high-quality and affordable luxury electric vehicle need look no further than the SE Hardtop.


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