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Lexus LC Hybrid Luxury Electric Vehicle Lexus LC Hybrid Luxury Electric Vehicle


The Lexus LC 500h Electric Vehicle

The Lexus LC Hybrid: Efficient Power in Convertible Style

Part of the Lexus Hybrid family, Ray Catena is proud to introduce the 2022 Lexus LC 500h (Hybrid). This upgraded powertrain for the standard Lexus LC 500 runs on a combination of gasoline and renewable electricity. Once again, Ray Catena is offering only the best luxury vehicles to our customers — including new models that run on hybrid power and 100% electricity.

After 30 years of building LC models, Lexus is offering its consumers the very first LC convertible. Any Ray Catena customer looking for elegant style should consider the Lexus LC Hybrid. With thousands of trials to optimize all aspects of its design—from LED lighting to seating positions, to soft top transitions—you can expect a driving experience that perfectly suits your needs.

Lexus LC Hybrid Luxury Electric Vehicle

Technology that Caters to You

Imagine if, every time you went to open your vehicle, someone was there to open it for you. The LC 500h offers an experience like that. When walking toward the vehicle, the door handles open and extend out toward the driver, while LED lights turn on to signal communication. Once the door is closed, the lights slowly fade back off. This luxurious convertible works to make you happy, even before you reach the vehicle.

Create Your Experience — Lexus LC Hybrid’s soft top can be opened or closed in just 15 seconds in a seamless transition. With a sleek design perfect for driving on a cool summer’s day, the LC 500h is suited to create a connection between the driver and the road–all while you’re lowering CO2 emissions.

Steering Reinvented — Once in the Lexus LC Hybrid, you’ll experience design optimized for the smoothest experience. This Lexus convertible has an elliptical steering wheel, meaning the curvature and design of the wheel are made to fit the human hand. Rather than you adapting to the steering wheel, Lexus made a steering wheel that adapts to you.

Optimal Control in Your Hands — The steering wheel accommodates you in more aspects than just comfort. The engineers and designers at Lexus studied optimal hand placements on steering wheels at circuits to find pressure points at certain turns. Studies like this one are behind all of Lexus’s high-value features, like the LC 500h’s elliptical steering wheel. With this meticulously researched steering wheel, the driver can be in complete control at even the sharpest turns.

The Perfect Driver’s Cockpit — Along with the carbon-fiber elements of the hybrid, the positioning of the driver’s seat lowers your center of gravity and the lightweight feel of the vehicle adds to its sleekness. To further elevate the experience, Lexus designed the LC 500h to be aerodynamically superior, allowing airflow management and noise control. Together with the elliptical steering wheel, driver positioning, and low center of gravity, the LC 500h creates stronger control for the driver when on the road at all times.

Concierge Technology in Your Lexus — Every drive is relaxing and calm thanks to climate concierge technology, which guarantees optimal control overheating and ventilation in your LC Hybrid. This includes lower-body and upper-body heating vents for all-around comfort in all weather conditions.

The Latest Convenience Tech — The Lexus LC Hybrid also has smartphone integration for Androids, iPhones, and Amazon Alexa. Connect to the Lexus with Wi-Fi and start streaming your music through an available Mark Levinson-installed surround sound system, which includes 13 speakers at 915-watts. Choose between HD radio or SiriusXM Satellite Radio with a three-month trial at purchase.

Integration with the Lexus App — For further device integration, customers can download the Lexus app for a variety of features, including remote start, vehicle status reports, and scheduling Lexus servicing. Technology and safety come together with Lexus Enform, where everything, from emergency assistance and 24-hour access to a live response center agent, ensures that every driver is at ease.

Sporty Performance from the Lexus LC Hybrid — Get more bang for your buck with the LC 500h thanks to its impressive 471 horsepower and 0-60 mph acceleration time of only 4.4 seconds. This is all accelerated by the Atkinson-cycle V6 and lithium-ion battery at the heart of this hybrid engine. Control your LC 500h with Lexus’ smooth 10-speed direct-shift transmission. Finally, the LC 500h features an rpm redline of 7,300.

Advanced Safety Features in the LC Hybrid — Safety is of utmost importance at Lexus and Ray Catena, and the LC 500h has the advanced and “comprehensive safety system” in any model of the LC. The LC 500h is installed with a Pre-Collision System, Intelligent High Beams, Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure and Lane Keep Assistance, and a Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. Plus, you drive with optimal protection thanks to a whopping eight airbags. All these features ensure that customers drive in style, at impressive speeds, and in total safety as well.

Compatibility with All Weather Conditions — As the first convertible from Lexus, this hybrid vehicle is perfect for a summer day. However, Lexus also took the winter into consideration as well. That’s why with the LC 500h, drivers can protect their safety with defrosting/de-icing windshield wipers. This also will speed up the de-icing process to make sure you can get back out on the road quickly.

On top of all of these performance figures, drivers get about 34 mpg when driving. As a self-charging vehicle, there is no need to plug in your Lexus LC Hybrid. Just fuel it up at the pump as usual.

Lexus Hybrids for Sale at Ray Catena Dealers

Lexus knows just how to engineer a top-of-the-line hybrid vehicle. And Ray Catena is committed to offering the best in electrified luxury, which is why we are proud to carry the 2022 Lexus LC 500h—the finest Lexus LC hybrid yet—at a low starting price of $97,610.

If you’re looking for phenomenal service to find a light, fast, controlled, and efficient vehicle, look no further than a Ray Catena Lexus dealership. Contact us to discuss financing or lease plans, or to build the perfect Lexus hybrid to your exact tastes.


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