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Lexus LFZ Luxury Electric Vehicles Lexus LFZ Luxury Electric Vehicles


The Lexus LF-Z Electric Vehicle

The Lexus LF-Z: A Futuristic Electric Car Like Nothing Else

Behold the future of electric driving: the Lexus LF-Z, a concept vehicle by luxury auto brand Lexus that may change our perspective on electric driving. From its forward-thinking exterior to its fascinating tech features, this electric car will be revolutionary in several ways: primarily, it’s the first all-electric vehicle from the luxury market’s leader in dependability — Lexus.

Ray Catena has been a Tri-State authority on luxury vehicles like Lexus for generations, and now we’re excited to share the future of luxury automotive. While Lexus has given us several high-quality hybrid vehicles, which you can find at Ray Catena, the LF-Z will be the first to rely solely on an electric battery and motor. The LF-Z makes the best of electricity for thrilling performance, high-efficiency driving, and reduced emissions.

Its supremely modern design seems to incorporate features of a 4-door sedan, cargo-spacious hatchback, and comfortable crossover SUV all in one unique body style. But this isn’t the only unique feature of the LF-Z. Lexus hasn’t just introduced itself to the field of electric car manufacturers; the futuristic LF-Z is groundbreaking in every way, starting with its generous, driver-focused technology.

Lexus LF-Z is the Future of Luxury Driving

The LF-Z’s cabin is ultra-minimal, filtering out unnecessary clutter and meaningless trimmings in favor of a clean, performance-based design. This has several benefits. Its enlarged panoramic glass windows and sunroof improve visibility, while the grandiose electronic driver cluster and infotainment screens take priority. When you sit in the cockpit of your LF-Z, you won’t just feel like any other driver. You’ll feel like you’re at the helm of an intelligent machine unlike any other.

Lexus Reinvents Infotainment Technology — As advertised, the infotainment device streams exterior camera views in detailed color images. This will be the gateway for audio streaming and other entertainment technology. Meanwhile, the digital cluster behind the steering wheel streams driving data like current speed in a crisp, easy-to-read display. There even seems to be a digital display directly to the left of the steering wheel. It’s unclear what exactly this does, but we’re excited to find out as soon as Lexus reveals more details.

Classic Comforts You Expect from Lexus — Lexus is one of the world’s most respected designers of luxurious vehicle cabins. The electrochromatic roof can transition from totally transparent for unmitigated sky views to opaque for privacy and shade, all at the touch of a button. Meanwhile, streaks of decorative LED lights lend a contemporary appeal as well as calming ambiance. Adjust these lights that are embedded throughout the cabin to suit the LF-Z’s interior to your mood.

Innovative Seating and Style — Seats are incredibly ergonomic and almost resemble high-end desk chairs with their supreme lumbar, neck, and side-body support elements. They’re designed to be soft and ultra-comfortable while also lean, reducing clutter for a more spacious cabin.

Sentient Voice-Activated Technology — Based on teasers advertised on Lexus.com, there may be other smart features designed to improve the driving experience. In one video, sentient technology in the infotainment device asks a driver if they would like the LF-Z to increase noise suppression. This indicates a few things: A) the Lexus LF-Z has a noise suppressing cabin for a relaxing ambiance; B) this vehicle has sentient tech that can respond to driver commands; and C) you can make adjustments to the cabin ambiance at will.

Gorgeous and Aerodynamic Body Style — The exterior of this vehicle is just as revolutionary. Because electric motors don’t need cooling vents or grilles, the Lexus LF-Z has redesigned the front end with a layered, diamond-studded appearance. The lit front badge is distinctively Lexus, while the sharp lines that taper down the sides and roof increase aerodynamics; this intelligent design improves performance and saves electricity at the same time.

Predicting the Lexus LF-Z’s Drive Style — Exact figures like horsepower and torque ratings are still forthcoming, but for the time being we can make some smart predictions about the Lexus LF-Z. Start with a fascinating statement by Lexus: “Our machines are an extension of human intent. By evolving the vehicle to be even more intuitively responsive to a drivers’ needs, Lexus envisions a driving experience unlike any other.”

What does all this mean? First of all, we can assume that the LF-Z will perform with outstanding, intuitive handling for sharp turns, precision steering, quick acceleration, and immediately responsive braking. All of this will add up to a satisfying drive, whether you’re making your weekday morning commute or enjoying your free time on the open road.

Lightweight Driving Potential — Lexus also states that the electric platform on which the LF-Z is built will enhance acceleration times, deliver more power to the wheels, and reach ultimate top speeds. Electric cars tend to position their powertrains lower and toward the back of a vehicle, which reduces the center of gravity and gives electric cars their distinctive light-as-air feel.

New Drivetrain for Better Handling — Lexus has revealed the drivetrain technology for the LF-Z, the innovative Direct4, which will divert power from the dual engines to the appropriate wheels, intelligently sensing driving and road conditions for optimal performance, traction, and safety. The LF-Z can also switch between front, rear, and all-wheel drive.

Steering is completely revolutionary thanks to its Steer-by-Wire electronic system, which intelligently translates driver inputs to the wheels while also adjusting to driver behavior. It filters out uncomfortable road vibrations too, for maximum comfort.

The First Lexus to Rely on 100% Electric Power

The Lexus LF-Z will rely on 100% electricity for increased fuel economy, an extended driving range, and easy recharging. Its intuitive process will likely resemble fueling up a gas or hybrid car. We suspect that the electric charging port will sit directly under the Lexus badge on the front hood. Plug in a compatible charging cord and your LF-Z’s battery will immediately recharge.

We look forward to learning more about charging times, home charging options, and other data, but at Ray Catena, we will update you as soon as we get the details. In the meantime, feel free to approach one of our associates with questions about charging an electric car.

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Lexus hasn’t revealed a release date or starting prices for the LF-Z electric car, but we will provide that information as soon as we know. Based on this auto brand’s history of excellence, we expect nothing but a groundbreaking, inventive luxury electric vehicle.

Visit your NY or NJ Ray Catena Lexus dealership to explore other Lexus models, as well as our entire lineup of luxury hybrids. Once the LF-Z is available, our finance team can help you secure a fair leasing or financing deal as well. For more updates on upcoming vehicles, follow Ray Catena Auto Group on social media.


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