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Ray Catena is the Tri-State’s leader in electrified luxury. At any of our 18 stores in New York and New Jersey, you can take home a great-looking hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or luxury electric vehicle (LEV) — enhanced with innovative technology, refined cabins, and signature styling you can only get from top luxury brands.

You may be shocked by the features and high-performance ratings of luxury electric and hybrid cars. Not only are they some of the most revolutionary vehicles you can buy, they offer the best fuel economy and acceleration speed, with incredible driving ranges. At Ray Catena, we make it easy for you to switch to hybrid or electric. We’ll even assist you with the equipment you need to charge your electric battery at home.

For nearly 60 years, Ray Catena Auto Group has offered the finest quality vehicles at outstanding prices. When we started, we never imagined a world of hybrid and luxury electric vehicles for sale. But we’ve always been here to help you adapt to breakthroughs in automotive technology, and today, we’re offering you the newest generation of LEVs, at competitive prices.

Our sales teams can teach you everything you want to know about these vehicles. Our dedicated finance teams can help you secure the financing or lease arrangement that suits you. And our automotive service departments are here for ongoing maintenance, inspections, repairs, parts, and diagnostics.

Explore the 100% electric and hybrid vehicles in our inventory. Click on the name of a vehicle to get details about each product, including detailed specifications, pricing, and more.

Fully Electric Luxury Cars

Electricity that has enabled some of the world’s most innovative technology now powers some of the most stylish new vehicles on earth. We proudly offer an extensive selection of impressive LEVs powered by 100% electricity — no gasoline or diesel at all. You’ll enjoy outstanding fuel economy, zero emissions, and even tax breaks, depending on where you live.

The future of automotive excellence is in fully electric vehicles, including signature luxury models by brands like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, and Porsche. These unique vehicles are designed to represent the best from each brand, delivering their best efficiency ratings as well as luxury, comfort, and safety features. Some electric cars in our selection are even faster and more powerful on the road than their gas-powered counterparts.

In addition to these current electric vehicles, Ray Catena will provide 100% electric concept cars by brands like Lexus, INFINITI, and Mercedes-Benz as soon as they’re available. This is the height of conceptual, innovative driving, and we can’t wait to share these groundbreaking vehicles with you.

Hybrid Electric Cars for Sale

Combining the power of gas and electricity, every hybrid vehicle in our inventory is a great step into the world of electried luxury vehicles. Gas tanks are quick to refill and ensure that your battery won’t die, especially on long drives. Meanwhile, the electric motor means far fewer stops at the gas station and far fewer carbon emissions. Together, gas and electricity power these luxury hybrids to go farther, achieve outstanding performance, and provide consistent quality in your daily driving.

Hybrids are available as either unique models or powertrain upgrades. In the case of the latter, you can upgrade a gas vehicle to include an electric motor — increasing fuel economy, value, and performance all at once.

Self-charging and plug-in hybrid models are available. Self-charging electric motors are designed to provide long-lasting efficiency without the need to charge up. Meanwhile, plug-in models reach peak performance after connecting and charging up. Charge your car at home or in a public charging station — just as you would a 100% electric vehicle.

Some dealerships offer only 1 or 2 hybrid models. At Ray Catena, we have a huge variety in our inventory, across 10 top luxury brands, including Audi, INFINITI, Land Rover, and Lexus. Stop by Ray Catena to explore the outstanding models we have available with hybrid powertrains.

Shop Hybrid and Luxury Electric Cars for Sale with Ray Catena

Are you ready to upgrade to luxury electric driving? We have the Tri-State’s leading selection of LEVs and luxury hybrids. That’s what makes Ray Catena the Legend in Electrified Luxury.

Stop by one of our New York or New Jersey dealerships to see our full selection of luxury electric cars for sale. You can test drive any one of these fully electric or hybrid cars, learn how to charge a battery-powered vehicle, and even get assistance with financing or a lease with Ray Catena Auto Group.

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