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BMW iX Luxury Electric Vehicles BMW iX Luxury Electric Vehicles


The BMW iX Electric Vehicle

The BMW iX – an Outstanding
Sports Activity Vehicle

BMW’s electric future is bright. The BMW iX was introduced to the world in 2022. Now back for its second model year, the 2024 iX delivers the same excellence drivers expect. 

This is a fully electric luxury SUV, or to be precise, an SAV: Sports Activity Vehicle. The new iX sets a high bar for electric car manufacturers everywhere. If you want to take home the very first BMW iX and drive in unmatched style, Ray Catena has you covered.

This spacious, compact crossover vehicle delivers quality in all respects: 

  • An outstanding driving experience
  • Plenty of convenient technology
  • Safety features, 
  • Signature head-turning BMW sophistication

Welcome to BMW’s future and one of the best fully electric luxury SUVs you can find.

BMW iX Luxury Electric Vehicles

BMW iX Offers Forward-Thinking Automotive Technology

It should come as no surprise that BMW has equipped the iX with some of the best technological features around. One of the most impressive is the grouping of smart sensors housed directly in the distinctive front grille. These sensors interact with various systems to provide camera views, location radar, and safety features.

Step Inside the Luxury Cabin

Despite its compact size, the iX features a spacious, cozy cabin that’s styled to inspire. Upholstery options include perforated SensaTec, which is durable and completely free of animal products. It also includes blends of Microfiber with fabric that stays cool and comfortable. BMW has committed to using more sustainable fabrics without compromising quality or ergonomics, and the new iX is no exception.

Thoughtful Design with Impact

Frameless doors ease loading and unloading cargo and ease passenger entry and exits. This isn’t the only innovative feature of the exterior body, either. The iX has an aerodynamic shape with a drag-reducing rear diffuser. This compact SUV-like body features the smartest design BMW has ever developed. This results in better fuel economy, faster acceleration, and energy savings every time you drive.

Innovation to Envy

There is plenty more innovation to be found in the iX. This includes the electrochromic shading effect in its expansive moonroof. Or the haptic-controlled center console selections that look clean and minimal. You can also find an immersive audio system with “invisible” speakers behind the acoustic fabric. There’s also an advanced infotainment display compatible with your favorite entertainment apps and various active safety features. 

The 2024 model features the Parking Assistant Professional, which allows you to park remotely via a smartphone app, and it can remember the maneuvers to park in up to 10 locations. An optional package includes BMW’s Highway Assistant, which allows hands-free driving on certain roadways. 

Outstanding Performance Ratings

Forget the bumbling electric cars of the past. This sports activity vehicle can compete with high-octane gas engines and even outpace them. The 2024 BMW iX uses an advanced 111.5 kWh electric battery to reach speeds of up to 124 mph. Get behind the wheel of an iX to enjoy about 516 max horsepower and 0-to-60 acceleration in 4.4 seconds. 

This electric-powered car doesn’t just imitate gas-powered sports vehicles. Its revolutionary capabilities can perform with the best of them.

Upgrade for More Luxury

The new M60 trim, an upgraded version of the iX, includes an even more powerful electric engine capable of producing as much as 610 horsepower. These are sportscar-level figures in an aerodynamic, compact SUV body style, all without the usual emissions of driving a gas sportscar.

All-wheel drive comes standard in the 2024 iX, delivering force through all 4 wheels to ensure optimal traction. As with other BMW all-wheel-drive systems, the iX will drive with control and composure, even in less-than-ideal conditions. 

Meanwhile, optional adjustable air suspension smooths out the road impact for a luxurious, comfortable drive. Like all other BMW vehicles, steering and braking are smooth and offer excellent feedback for satisfying drives.

The BMW Electric Driving Lifestyle

Some drivers may be hesitant to make the switch to 100% electric-powered cars. However, this is the future of automotive technology. Once you experience it, you’ll wonder why you held onto a gas vehicle for so long. 

Electric driving is easy to manage, plus it saves you money through potential tax breaks and lower fuel costs. It can save you time because if you charge overnight, you’ll almost never run out during the day. When you drive an iX, you greatly reduce your environmental impact, too.

Because the iX is a fully electric vehicle, it depends on power from the grid rather than a fossil fuel source. Instead of taking your car to the gas station to fuel up, you simply need an electric charging station to recharge your BMW iX. 

Your choices include a public charging unit, many of which allow you to charge up to 100% free. You can also install an at-home charging station with compatible ports and the Flexible Fast Charger cord. When it’s set up properly, you can easily recharge your iX overnight in your garage or driveway.

For even faster charging at home, get the BMW Wallbox, which creates a smart electric charging bay right at home. Best of all, the iX refuels at competitive speeds. Ten minutes of DC fast charging can provide enough energy for about 90 miles of driving. When fully charged, the BMW iX has an impressive driving range of 324 miles. That’s hours of driving without the need to recharge.

Shop BMW Electric Cars for Sale at Ray Catena in NY

The baseline 2024 BMW iX xDrive50 model has a starting price of $87,100. The high-performance iX M60 model starts at $111,500. Be sure to check in with Ray Catena for the latest updates on our available inventory of BMW iX models. Take a look at other BMW LEVs as well.

Visit Ray Catena to learn more about our selection of luxury electric vehicles, including the groundbreaking 2024 BMW iX. We have locations throughout New Jersey and New York. Or shop on our website and even apply for financing online at your convenience.

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