Which is the Best EV SUV?

June 22nd, 2022 by

The top-rated luxury electric vehicle SUV models are the Audi e-tron and the BMW iX. At Ray Catena Auto Group, the tri-state LEV experts, we can help you choose a reliable and high-performance LEV SUV that will fit your lifestyle.

Fully electric SUVs are truly a modern marvel. Traditionally, any vehicle with this much strength and durability would be a gas guzzler. But these luxury electric vehicles manage to capture all the ruggedness of an SUV with zero emissions. The question of “best” is ultimately a matter of preference and depends on what you’re looking for. With that said, here is our ranking of some of the very best EV SUV models available in 2022.

Jaguar Luxury Electric Vehicles

Jaguar I-PACE

The Jaguar name has long been synonymous with luxury and elegance. That remains true with their first entrant into the LEV marketplace, the I-PACE. On the road, the I-PACE delivers one of the smoothest and most responsive driving experiences of any vehicle. That elegance is matched by Jaguar’s exceptional interior and exterior design. The spacious cabin has all the high-tech luxury features you would expect from such a prestigious name. And the sleek design is sure to turn heads on the road.

The I-PACE has a very respectable range of 253 per charge. With up to 394 horsepower, this luxury SUV is able to achieve speeds up to 124 MPH.

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Land Rover Range Rover Hybrid LEV

Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid

Land Rover has turned its iconic Range Rover line of SUVs into plug-in hybrids with a pair of new models. The Range Rover Plug-in and Range Rover Plug-in Sport are the British luxury brand’s first electric vehicles. Land Rover hit the ground running with a pair of the finest luxury SUVs on the EV marketplace. The simplistic yet iconic exterior design is matched by an elegant interior, seating up to seven passengers.

The Range Rover hybrid provides up to 19 miles on electric-only power, and can fully charge in under 3 hours. This is plenty of range to make daily commutes ultra-efficient and save significantly on gas.

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2022 Audi e-tron SportbackAudi e-tron

Coming in second in our ranking of LEV SUVs is the Audi e-tron. The always-dependable German manufacturer has lived up to its reputation with its latest EV model. The EV is durable, powerful, and offers an incredibly smooth performance. As expected from Audi, the e-tron features tremendous handling and ultra-responsive brakes in addition to all its luxury features.

What helps set the e-tron apart from the competition is its remarkable 4000 pounds of towing capacity. Very few EVs can compete with that level of strength. That power is also accompanied by 222 miles of all-electric battery range.

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BMW iX Luxury Electric VehiclesBMW iX

You really cannot go wrong with any of BMW’s all-electric vehicles. The iX is their SUV model in the EV family, and it’s as impressive as any vehicle on the road. The eye-catching front grille sets an elegant tone for the rest of the vehicle’s striking design.

We could focus on all of the many luxury features that adorn the iX. But what really makes this model the best LEV SUV is its driving performance. The 324-mile battery-only range is astonishingly far ahead of its SUV competition. That exceptional range is accompanied by a 500-horsepower driving experience and superior handling. Anyone who’s in the market for a luxury SUV, gas or electric, should give strong consideration to the BMW iX.

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