How Long Does It Take To Charge A Range Rover Plug-In Hybrid?

October 17th, 2022 by

The Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid is the first electric vehicle under the Range Rover brand name. There are two hybrid Range Rover models available: the Range Rover Plug-In Hybrid and the Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrid.

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Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrid LEVAs a plug-in hybrid SUV, the Range Rover PHEVs can operate on either gas or electric battery power. The Range Rover’s electric battery has a 12.4 kWh capacity, offering an electric-only driving range of 19 miles.

Using a basic Level 1 home charger, the Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid can reach a full charge in 14 hours.

With a 240V Level 2 charger equipped, the charging time for the Range Rover PHEV is reduced to just 2.75 hours. Level 2 home chargers are often the most convenient option for EV owners.

Public Level 3 Fast Charging stations can fully charge the 19-mile battery range on the Range Rover in well under 30 minutes.

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