Summer Maintenance Checklist for LEVs

June 1st, 2023 by

High temperatures can damage electric vehicle batteries and cause them to run less efficiently. LEV drivers can avoid high temperatures by preconditioning their vehicles, knowing how and when to charge, and avoiding prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

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Many drivers are aware that temperature can affect the performance of an electric vehicle. Extremely low and high temperatures can cause EV batteries to drain more quickly, resulting in less range. As the summer approaches, knowing how to prepare and maintain your EV for warm weather performance can make beach trips and vacations much smoother.

Here are some key maintenance tips for electric vehicle owners as they prepare for warmer weather.

Don’t Rely Too Much on Fast Charging

Level 3 chargers, or DC fast chargers, are great for providing a quick bolt of energy for your EV. But those rapid charging speeds can also increase the battery’s temperature. On hot days, when the battery is already too close to overheating, this can be a problem. Overexposure to excessively high temperatures can cause your battery to work less efficiently over time. Limiting your use of fast charging during the summer is therefore good for the long-term health of your EV. Drivers should charge their EVs indoors overnight as often as possible during the summer.

Limit Use of AC and Other Equipment

Blasting the air conditioner on a hot summer day may feel great at the time. But, in EVs, all of the equipment is powered by the same battery. This means that over-reliance on the AC can make your car run less efficiently and lose range. This can be especially problematic on hot days. Of course, you should not suffer in discomfort to save a few miles. But keeping the AC on a lower setting, or rolling down the windows instead, can be a better and more efficient option.

Park in the Shade

One of the simplest tips for EV owners in the summer is to try to find shaded parking spots. If you can keep your vehicle parked indoors, that’s even better. But finding a nice, cool spot under a tree, for instance, can prevent your car from overheating in the sun. This can be especially beneficial during outdoor excursions when your car might be parked outside for several hours. Spending all of that time in the hot sun can damage your EV’s battery. But a little shade can keep it protected and running more efficiently.


Preconditioning is an advanced feature available on many luxury electric vehicle models. This feature allows drivers to set a comfortable cabin temperature remotely prior to entering their vehicle. This is incredibly useful for extremely hot, and extremely cold, days. With preconditioning, you can remotely start your car to let it cool down (or warm up) for several minutes before you hit the road. While it is preconditioning, your vehicle can remain plugged into the charger. This allows the vehicle to reach a comfortable temperature without draining any battery power. As a result, you can get more range out of your battery.

Don’t Drive Too Fast

Driving at high speeds can raise the temperature of your EV’s battery. Traveling at high speeds over long distances also reduces the battery’s available range. Avoiding high speeds is a good tip for driving efficiency any time of year. But it becomes even more relevant during the summer when your EV’s internal temperature is already high. Staying under 50 MPH as much as possible can prevent your battery from overheating and potentially being damaged.

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