LEV Maintenance Checklist

February 1st, 2023 by

Luxury electric vehicles require some basic maintenance to keep them running efficiently for longer. Battery checkups, tire rotations, and brake fluid changes are just a few of the basic maintenance steps required for EVs.

As more and more people make the switch to driving electric vehicles, EV maintenance becomes more heavily discussed. What parts of the car require the same maintenance routines that we’re accustomed to? Which steps are different? 

If you’ve owned a car before, you likely have a good understanding of most of the basics of LEV maintenance. But certain aspects of an electric car, like its electric battery, require different maintenance checks. New EV drivers may be unfamiliar with these practices. Here are a few basic maintenance checks you should routinely perform to keep your electric vehicle on the road longer.

Where Can I Service My LEV?

Luxury Electric Vehicle Maintenance Procedures

Battery Checks

Charging Your Luxury Electric VehiclePerhaps the biggest adjustment when it comes to EV maintenance is understanding how to care for your battery. The lithium-ion batteries that power most luxury electric vehicles are vastly different from gas combustion engines. EV batteries are simpler, with fewer individual parts, which typically results in fewer mechanical problems. However, that is not to say that EV batteries require no maintenance.

Make sure you’re keeping a constant eye on your battery’s performance. Depending on your EV model, you may be able to access battery health reports in an app on your phone. 

You can preserve the longevity of your battery by observing a few basic steps. Charging your battery to 80% (instead of 100%) can be better for your battery in the long run, for example. You should also be careful not to expose your battery to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.

Tire Pressure and Tire Rotation

Some aspects of owning and driving an electric vehicle will take some getting used to. But other things will be familiar. Monitoring the health of your tires is one of those things. Insufficiently inflated tires can cause your electric vehicle to run less efficiently, reducing its range and requiring more frequent charges. Luckily, many luxury electric vehicles come with automatic tire pressure monitoring systems. Whether your car has this feature or not, you should always make sure your tire pressure is adequate. You also should rotate your tires every 5000 miles or so, just as you would for a gas-engine car.

Monitor Fluids

Land Rover Sport Luxury Electric VehicleIt is true that there are fewer fluids to change and keep track of in an electric vehicle. You never need to change the oil in an EV, for instance. But there are still some fluids that are vital to the life and performance of electric vehicles. 

Brake fluids, for example, still need to be changed about once per year. Similarly, you should service your EV’s coolant system and fluids every couple of years. And, of course, you should also continue to monitor your windshield wiper fluid levels, too.

Charging Station Maintenance

The convenience of having an at-home charging station is a new trend with electric vehicles. And while personal charging stations do make life easier, they also add an extra maintenance step for EV owners. If you use a Level 1 or Level 2 charger in your home, you should monitor it regularly to make sure it’s in good condition. Check for signs of damage or wear regularly, and always make sure it’s working properly.

Cleaning any debris off your home charger with a damp cloth can prolong its longevity. If any electrical components are damaged or need to be replaced, contact a certified electrician.

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