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Concept Luxury Electric Vehicles

Future LEVs at Ray Catena: Upcoming Electric Cars

Almost all major brands are now announcing new electric vehicles and making commitments to go fully electric in the coming 15-30 years. It’s safe to say — this decade marks the beginning of the age of electric vehicles.

Amidst the wave of EV innovation emerging from the automotive industry, luxury brands are producing some of the most awe-inspiring and revolutionary vehicles ever made. These luxury electric vehicles (LEVs) are now leading the way in the future of automotive manufacturing and design.

At Ray Catena, we’re excited to present you with the latest in electrified luxury, as well as some of the amazing concept cars on the horizon, representing the future of LEVs.

Future Concepts in Luxury Electric Cars

As celebrated automotive brands combine their best engineering and intelligent innovation, they compete to rise above the rest. Meanwhile, the world and future generations continue to benefit as low-emission, sustainable electric cars become the new standard in automotive engineering. These are some exciting luxury electric cars coming soon to Ray Catena. (Check back for updates as brands continue to announce their LEV concepts and upcoming designs.)

INFINITI Inspiration QX

The INFINITI Inspiration QX is a crossover SUV that combines engaging technology with excellent performance standards. The look and feel of the Inspiration QX is influenced by traditional Japanese art and design. This LEV’s release date has yet to be announced, but automotive enthusiasts expect it to debut in 2022 or 2023. Read more…

INFINITI Inspiration QS

The sedan alternative to the QX, the INFINITI Inspiration QS exudes luxury inside and out. Its unique blend of futuristic materials with traditional aesthetics makes this a vehicle certain to impress. Meanwhile, its high performance ratings exceed standards for electric cars and sedans alike. Expect this vehicle in late 2022 or 2023. Learn more…

Mercedes-Benz EQB

The Mercedes-Benz EQB is a sophisticated, forward-thinking crossover SUV that combines family-oriented comfort with awe-inspiring innovation. A standout, even among other upcoming class of luxury electric vehicles, the EQB will be fast and sporty while continuing to offer Mercedes-Benz’s signature, classic elegance. The EQB (the brand’s electric take on the GLB) has already debuted overseas and is set to hit the U.S. market in 2022, as a 2023 model. Get the details…

Lexus LF-Z

Meanwhile, the Lexus LF-Z brings a modern eye to the luxury sedan. Even compared to other future electric cars, the LF-Z’s new electric platform offers outstanding performance ratings. Its eye-catching design is like nothing else in the automotive world, and its minimalist cabin represents the future of Lexus luxury. Release dates aren’t official yet, but we could see this vehicle as soon as summer of 2022. Learn more here…

Be the First to Own an Upcoming Luxury Electric Vehicle from Ray Catena

Electric vehicle technology is advancing rapidly. With world-class engineers creating designs for leading automakers, it’s clear that with every model year we’ll see significant innovations and developments in upcoming electric cars. At Ray Catena, we’re excited to be your ongoing resource for the latest updates in the world of electrified luxury.

There’s no better time to shop for your next luxury electric vehicle at Ray Catena — the Legend in Electrified Luxury. If you’re looking forward to upcoming concept vehicles, stay in touch with your local Ray Catena dealer for the latest updates.


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