Do I Need a Home Charger for My LEV?

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Public charging stations for luxury electric vehicles can now be found in most American cities. Although home chargers are not required, they are the cheapest and most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle. Most electric vehicles are also sold with a Level 1 charging cable for home charging.

The question of where to charge your car is a question many new electric vehicle drivers find themselves asking. As many are aware, home chargers are an option for luxury electric vehicles. But is a home charger a necessity? A home charger is not the only charging method, but most drivers agree that it is their best option, and at Ray Catena Auto Group, we can keep you informed about home charger installation as we provide you the best LEV buying experience.

Public Charging

Public charging stations for electric vehicles are growing more and more abundant across the U.S. This makes charging while on the road much easier for many drivers. Many businesses offer chargers for customers and employees to recharge while going about their business. Public charging for electric vehicles comes in two varieties: Level 2 charging, and Level 3/DC fast charging.

Level 2 Charging

Level 2 charging for electric vehicles uses a 240-volt charger to charge your battery gradually over time. While every EV battery charges differently, a good rough average charging rate for Level 2 is 25 miles per hour. That is one hour of charging at a Level 2 charger adds 25 miles of range to your EV’s battery. Charging from 0-100% on a Level 2 charger can take anywhere from 10 to 12 hours depending on your LEV model.

Many public Level 2 chargers are located at businesses that drivers expect to spend a lot of time at. Office buildings, restaurants, or shopping centers can all provide Level 2 charging stations.

DC Fast Charging

DC fast charging differs from Level 2 charging in that it uses a direct current instead of alternating. This provides a much faster charge than Level 1 or 2 charging. Most cars can be fully charged in a half-hour or less using a DC Fast Charging station. Fast Charging stations can be found roadside all over and fill a role similar to traditional gas stations for EVs.

Home Charging

While public charging is a convenient option when available, home charging is a much more efficient and reliable method. With a home charger, luxury electric vehicle drivers can always keep their batteries properly charged every day. For the best battery life, it is recommended that you keep your battery charged between 20-80% consistently. Topping off for a long road trip is not a problem, but overcharging your battery can diminish its overall lifespan.

To make home charging even more convenient, most LEVs are sold with a complimentary charging cable. These cables are compatible with standard home electrical outfits.

However, using a standard outlet only provides Level 1 charging. A Level 1 charger uses 120 volts, or half the capacity of a Level 2 charger. This provides a slow but steady charge over a long period of time.

Many luxury electric vehicle owners choose to install a Level 2 charging station at home for a better charge. Installation of a Level 2 charger at home can cost roughly between $750-$2000. However, the convenience and long-term savings make this a very good option for most drivers.

At Ray Catena we can walk you through the charging needs of any LEV you may be considering purchasing – contact us or visit a dealership to learn more.

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