How Does the Porsche Taycan Turbo S Compare to the Tesla Model S Plaid?

June 1st, 2022 by

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Tesla Model S Plaid are two of the fastest EVs on the road in 2022. While the Plaid is faster with more horsepower, the Turbo S offers a smoother driving performance. Learn more.

The Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Tesla Model S represent the two fastest luxury electric vehicles available in 2022. Although Tesla’s claims about the Plaid’s top speeds are disputed, it still takes the crown in the EV speed category. The Taycan Turbo S is the runner-up to the Plaid in this category. But these LEVs are about more than just speed. And at Ray Catena, we’re committed to helping you understand the performance of any vehicle you’re considering.

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Porsche Taycan 4s Luxury Electric VehicleThe Porsche Turbo S is the most advanced and striking member of the Taycan family. Its low, sleek body provides a very distinctive and sporty silhouette. An aluminum frame keeps the Taycan lightweight and aerodynamic, which contributes to its exceptional handling. But steel sheets on the cabin exterior keep all passengers safe in case of impact.

The Tesla Model S Plaid also has a low and sporty silhouette, though it is slightly less distinctive than the Turbo S’s. The body is also built from a mixture of aluminum and steel. Additionally, the Model S Plaid features a titanium undercarriage to keep the vehicle’s battery and other crucial components safe.

The Model S strives for a minimalist interior design. A single 17” touch screen is your central infotainment hub. The Taycan Turbo S, on the other hand, has a flashier interior. From the sporty microfiber seats to the light-up touch screen display. Both LEVs have many of the same tech capabilities, so the comparison here is really just a matter of preference.

Driving Performance

In terms of driving performance, these are two of the most advanced models on the road. The Tesla Model S Plaid claims to be capable of speeds up to 200 MPH. But if such capabilities exist, they have not been unlocked yet. However, the Plaid has still reached 162 MPH in tests. This is just barely faster than the Turbo S, which tops out at 161 MPH.

Porsche Taycan 4 Cross Turismo Luxury Electric VehicleThe Plaid also beats the Turbo S in terms of horsepower: 1,020 HP, compared to 750 for the Taycan. In addition to being exceptionally powerful, the Plaid also has an elite battery. The Plaid’s charge range of 396 miles puts it in truly elite company. The Taycan Turbo S has a respectable range of 201 miles, but this obviously falls well short of the Plaid.

Where the Turbo S excels over the Plaid is in handling and steering. The Taycan’s handling is what sets it apart as one of the best driving experiences among LEVs. While the Plaid is excellent at normal speeds, its handling diminishes at top speeds.

Cost of Ownership

The Tesla Model S Plaid starts at $129,990, and the manufacturer-recommended self-driving package adds an additional $12,000 to the price. The Taycan Turbo S starts at $186,350. Add-ons and premium packages can add $4,000-$10,000 onto the total cost of the Turbo S.


The Model S Plaid and Turbo S have many similarities. Drivers who enjoy minimalist designs and extra range will prefer the Plaid. The Turbo S offers smoother handling and a more luxurious cabin.

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