How Does the Range Rover Plug-In Hybrid Work?

April 10th, 2023 by

The Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid works as both a gas-engine car and an electric vehicle. Drivers can access both gas and electric driving modes to help reduce emissions and save on gas.

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Land Rover Range Rover Hybrid LEVThe Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid and Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrid from Land Rover are both plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. This means that each vehicle can operate on both electric power and gas power. Both Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid models have an electric-only driving range of 51 miles.

As a plug-in hybrid, the Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid does need to be charged to access its electric power. There are multiple options for charging a Range Rover PHEV. The plug-in hybrid SUV is compatible with both Level 2 AC charging stations, and Level 3 DC Fast Charging stations.

Level 2 chargers can be installed in homes or found in some public spaces. Using a Level 2 AC charger, the Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid can reach a full charge in 5 hours.

Level 3 DC charging stations can be found in public spaces across America. The Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid can charge from 0-80% in one hour using DC Fast Charging.

How Does Switching Between Gas and Electric Power in a Plug-in Hybrid Work?

Most plug-in hybrid electric vehicles operate on electric-only power for as long as the battery is charged. Once the battery is depleted, the vehicle will automatically switch to gas-driving mode until the battery is recharged. Because of this, it’s always important to make sure there is some gas in the tank.

However, there are only 51 miles of electric-only range in the Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid. This means that most drivers will go weeks or months without needing to fill up their gas tanks.

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