How Long Does it Take to Charge the Lexus NX Hybrid?

December 23rd, 2022 by

Fully charging the Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid takes about 2.5 hours using a 240V Level 2 charger. The Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid has an electric range of 37 miles.

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Lexus NX Hybrid Luxury Electric VehiclePlug-in Hybrid vehicles like the Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid are a highly efficient middle ground between combustion engine cars and fully-electric vehicles. Plug-in hybrid drivers can choose to drive in either gas or electric mode. While the charge range of plug-in hybrids is less than fully-electric models, their electric capabilities make them highly efficient. Short commutes can often be completed using only electric power in a plug-in hybrid, for example.

The Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid SUV with an electric range of 37 miles. Drivers can fully charge the Lexus Plug-in Hybrid in just 2.5 hours using a wall-mounted Level 2 charger. This quick charging time makes it possible to use the vehicle’s electric-only driving mode regularly, and multiple times in one day.

The Lexus NX Plug-in Hybrid also gets an estimated 36 miles per gallon when using gas power.

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