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June 22nd, 2022 by

The Lexus ES Hybrid is the most efficient non-plug-in hybrid vehicle available in 2022, with 44 MPG. In addition to that, it offers an incredibly smooth and quiet driving experience. Ray Catena is the tri-state area’s local leader in LEVs, including the amazing Lexus hybrid lineup.

The Lexus ES Hybrid is a full hybrid sedan from Lexus that provides unmatched efficiency and an effortless ride. When combined with Lexus’ industry leading safety technology, the Lexus ES Hybrid stands out as one of the most comfortable cars available. Considering all of this, it’s no wonder the ES Hybrid is such a popular option for many drivers. Here are all the highlights from this extraordinary vehicle.

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Lexus ES Hybrid Fuel Efficiency

As the Lexus ES Hybrid is not a plug-in hybrid, it never needs to be charged and has no EV range. However, the sedan’s hybrid engine enables it to get an incredible 44 miles per gallon. The ES Hybrid is powered by both an electric and a gas powered engine at the same time. The electric battery is recharged by the gas engine, thus the absence of a plug.

In comparison to the 44 MPH estimates on the ES Hybrid, the standard gas ES model gets just 26 combined MPG. The nearly 20 additional miles per gallon highlights just how remarkably efficient this hybrid model is.

Lexus Luxury Electric VehiclesSpeed and Performance of the Lexus ES Hybrid

In addition to its great efficiency, the Lexus ES Hybrid also boasts one of the most comfortable rides available. To accomplish this, the ES does sacrifice a little power. Going from 0-60 in 8.1 seconds and 112 MPH top speed don’t stand out among hybrid and electric sedans. But these numbers do not need to jump out for the ES, because it offers luxury in other ways. The ES Hybrid boasts very smooth and responsive handling and great suspension. The aerodynamic frame can handle any tight turn with relative ease, and bumps in the road can go by unnoticed. The enhanced F Sport trim offers even smoother handling for what may be the most comfortable ride a driver can find.

Lexus ES Hybrid Design and Technology

As smooth as the ES Hybrid’s driving performance is, the interior design provides just as much comfort. Sturdy power adjustable synthetic leather seats keep every passenger relaxed. 42 inches of front legroom and 39 inches in the second row mean even the tallest passengers can sit easy. Many sedans say they can seat five, but few do so with as much ease as the Lexus ES.

In addition to its luxurious design, the Lexus ES Hybrid also has access to all of Lexus’  advanced safety features. Pedestrian detection and automatic braking assistance help to prevent frontal crashes. Blind spot and lane departure warning systems provide peace of mind and easy assistance on the road. And Dynamic Cruise Control keeps you safe and reduces the burden on longer road trips in your ultra-efficient hybrid. The Lexus ES Hybrid provides elegance and luxury in the form of unrivaled comfort and ease of access.

Lexus ES Hybrid Cost of Ownership

The Lexus ES Hybrid starts at a bargain price of just $41,910. However, additional models are available. The Luxury and Ultra Luxury Editions cost $48,375 and $52,155 respectively. The ES 300h F Sport trim, meanwhile, starts at $46,525.

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