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BMW i3 Luxury Electric Vehicles BMW i3 Luxury Electric Vehicles


The BMW i3 Electric Vehicle

The BMW i3 – A Uniquely Stylish Electric Car

The BMW i3 represents one of the brand’s breakthroughs in the future of automotive engineering. Combining outstanding on-road performance with elegant styling, 100% electric power, and innovative tech throughout, the latest i3 shows the power of forward-thinking luxury electric vehicle (LEV) design.

For New York drivers, this intelligent and compact car is your new companion for contemporary city driving, offering zero emissions, an extended driving range, and a more sustainable energy source than gasoline or diesel fuel. BMW’s commitment to automotive engineering is clear in its line of LEVs, including the i3. In fact, this may be the most innovative vehicle in their 2021 lineup.

Just look at the sharply designed exterior, which has the alluring curved hood of a sporty coupe but in a more compact shape. Its crisp LED lights and rounded silhouette are a new aesthetic, yet the signature front-end grille and logo remind you that BMW, the German manufacturer of ultimate luxury cars, is at the helm of its design. Here is a breakdown of what exactly the 2021 BMW i3 can do, including its electric motor’s capabilities, the luxury interior’s best assets, and how to shop for your very own i3.

BMW i3 Luxury Electric Vehicles

The BMW i3 Offers NY Drivers Innovation in Every Stitch, Every Contour, Every Pixel

The electric motor inside every 2021 BMW i3 isn’t the only smart feature in this compact car. This LEV is stuffed to the brim with near-futuristic features that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Inventive Cabin Design — First is its cabin, constructed of sustainable, recycled materials. Every surface has a clean, perfectly balanced look with nice lines, handsome coloring, and refined textures. Meanwhile, large tinted windows add to the lightweight, minimal design that gives the i3 its cutting-edge aesthetic. Even the blue-lined steering wheel has a futuristic feel.

Infotainment and Connectivity — A generous infotainment screen sits in the center of the console. Use simple, intuitive touch controls to cycle through the iDrive 6 infotainment interface and access a variety of applications. It’s simple and clean, only streaming the information that’s important to you so that you don’t experience any visual clutter. Stream audio from your smartphone, make hands-free phone calls, and even shop from the convenience of the attractive tablet-like screen.

Smart and Stylish Luxury — The seating is lean but nicely textured, so it’s comfortable without the bulky plush that crowds most small cars. Meanwhile, the natural materials–like leather upholstery tanned with olive leaf extract and eucalyptus wood trim–lend a relaxing ambiance to the i3’s quiet cabin. Also, it’s easy to customize your i3 with sustainable products in a variety of colors.

Like every BMW vehicle, the 2021 i3 has a plethora of upgrades to enjoy. These include heated front seats that are a dream in cold weather, upgraded upholstery, and optional real-time navigation software.

Surprising Performance Capabilities — Don’t underestimate what the new BMW i3 can do. It may look compact, but it packs a punch, and drivers who take a seat in its cockpit have a thrill ride ahead of them. This car accelerates quickly, handles with sharp precision steering, and relies on delightfully responsive firm pedals.

Aerodynamic Driving — It’s incredibly lightweight too, thanks to its aluminum and carbon fiber reinforced plastic construction. Light but ultra-durable materials make this compact car more efficient, maneuverable, and easy to access all at once. You’ll instantly feel the difference when you get behind the wheel of an i3.

Smooth Transmission and Acceleration — This compact LEV relies on a unique one-speed direct-drive transmission. While many drivers are used to cars with eight or even ten-speed transmission, the one-speed in the 2021 i3 delivers sudden acceleration, zooming performance, and a satisfying drive. Go from 0 to 60 in 6.6 seconds and your i3 will pull up alongside other sporty cars, or even out-accelerate them. If you want an even longer driving range and superb performance, you can also upgrade to the i3s model.

Soft-Spoken, yet Powerful — The 2021 BMW i3 is incredibly quiet. There’s no need for artificial growls or thunderous vibrations. In fact, you won’t even miss them. Along with its quick performance, the new i3 has a smooth and relaxing cabin, and thanks to its quiet electric-powered engine, there’s an almost ethereal feel to propelling down the street with no noise but the music streaming from your speakers. And unlike other compact cars, the i3 has an incredibly responsive suspension that absorbs road bumps and impacts with ease. You’ll feel like you’re soaring when you drive the i3.

While BMW offers other performance cars, including some of the sportiest vehicles in the auto industry, the new i3 is their most innovative vehicle. Compact, electric, and quick on the road, this is 100% electric driving at its best.

Go Electric with BMW

This car doesn’t fuel up like traditional gas or diesel vehicles. The 2021 BMW i3 connects to a more sustainable electric grid to power your drive. Simply stream a power cord from the i3’s charging port to an at-home electrical outlet or link up at a public charging station. Instantly, your car’s 42.4 kWh battery pack will re-fuel itself with nothing but clean electric energy.

There’s no reason to hesitate about stepping into electrified luxury, because the 2021 BMW i3 makes the switch easier than ever. If you have any questions about how to charge up, where to charge, and which equipment to use, the knowledgeable staff at Ray Catena can give you a simple tutorial. In a matter of days, charging up your i3 will feel like second nature.

Shop the BMW i3 at Ray Catena

Are you ready to take home one of the best-designed vehicles in BMW’s modern lineup? The 2021 BMW i3 starts at just $44,450 – which, on top of ongoing fuel savings, makes this vehicle an outstanding value. Learn more about this compact LEV, or schedule a test drive, with Ray Catena — the Legend in Electrified Luxury.

Visit a Ray Catena dealership in New York or New Jersey to see the i3s that we have in stock. Or, you can browse our inventory of BMW luxury electric vehicles online. We look forward to serving you with all of your car shopping needs, including financing and leasing arrangements that suit your ownership goals.

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