Can the BMW i3 Use a Tesla Supercharger?

April 6th, 2023 by

As of early 2023, Tesla has not made its Supercharger network available to non-Tesla vehicles in North America. However, the company has indicated that it plans to make its Superchargers available to other EVs in the future.

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Luxury Electric Vehicle ChargingTesla Superchargers offer fast, convenient electric vehicle charging in public areas. Tesla Superchargers are the largest network of public EV charging stations in the world. Unfortunately, Tesla Superchargers are currently only available to Tesla vehicles in North America. However, the company has provided limited access to its Superchargers for non-Tesla EVs in Europe since 2021. 

Tesla has announced plans to open its Supercharger network to non-Tesla vehicles in North America as well. But, as of 2023, this still has not happened. That means, for now, the BMW i3 cannot use a Tesla Supercharger. But i3 owners still have plenty of other options when it comes to charging their electric vehicles.

Charging Your BMW i3

Tesla Superchargers use a 480-volt direct current for electric vehicle charging. This is similar to other publicly-available Level 3 charging stations. The BMW i3 is compatible with non-Supercharger Level 3 charging stations. Additionally, the i3 can be charged using most Level 2 charging stations. Level 2 chargers use a 240-volt alternating current. While these chargers are slower than Level 3 chargers, they are often the most convenient charging method. This is because Level 2 chargers can easily be installed in homes for easy overnight charging while your EV is not in use.

BMW i3 Charging Time and Range

The BMW i3 is a fully electric compact luxury car with an electric driving range of 153 miles. However, a Range Extender model is available, which has a range of 200 miles.

Using a Level 2 charging station, the BMW i3 can reach a full charge in approximately 7 hours. Using a Level 3 charging station, the BMW i3 can reach 80% charge capacity in about 35 minutes.

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