BMW i Series – Review

June 7th, 2022 by

The BMW i Series of luxury electric vehicles includes the iX SUV, i3 compact car, and the i4 coupe. Learn more.

The BMW i Series includes the BMW iX, BMW i3, and BMW i4. All three vehicles provide a fully electric luxury driving experience that only BMW can deliver. While each model shares the pedigree of its manufacturer, they all offer something unique to their drivers.

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BMW iX Luxury Electric VehiclesThe BMW iX is BMW’s signature electric SUV. To call it impressive is an understatement. The iX is one of the top vehicles available this year of any type. The first metric any EV driver will look at is the range, and the iX excels in that category. Its 324-mile battery-only range puts it in elite company, not just for SUVs, but for all EVs on the road. That same standard is upheld no matter where you look on the iX: from the exterior and interior design, driving performance, or cabin technology.

Other highlights include sustainable synthetic leather upholstery, frameless doors, and a panoramic moonroof. The iX is powered by a 516 horsepower electric engine and is great for all types of driving. Highway, city, short commutes, and extended trips are all possible in this SUV. The BMW iX is one of the best-value LEVs of 2022, starting at $83200.

Learn more about the BMW iX and how the iX compares to the Tesla Model Y.

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BMW i3

BMW i3 Luxury Electric VehiclesThe BMW i3 is a compact model, great for city driving thanks to its sporty handling and effortless acceleration. The i3 has a battery range of 153 miles. However, with its optional range extender, it can add 47 additional miles of range. While 153 miles may seem underwhelming, a couple of factors work in the i3’s favor here. First, the i3 has a very fast charge time, requiring only 8 hours to fully charge at a Level 2 charger. Second, as the i3 is a vehicle that excels in urban driving environments, it should seldom be far from a charging station.

In terms of design, the i3 uses its compact size to great effect. The exterior is sleek and seamless. It’s a car that truly looks fun to drive. On the inside, the i3’s cabin has a quiet luxury with sporty seats and a modestly-sized touchscreen infotainment console. The BMW i3 starts at a very affordable $44,450.

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BMW i4

BMW i4 Luxury Electric VehiclePerhaps the most exhilarating member of the BMW i Series is the BMW i4. The four-door coupe comes in two trims: the M50 and eDrive 40. The M50 offers enhanced performance (536 horsepower), while the eDrive 40 provides a stronger battery (giving the i4 a 301-mile range). No matter which model you choose, the i4 will treat you to an exceptional driving experience. Its low center of gravity and aerodynamic design helps it to handle very responsively in any conditions.

The interior of the i4 is as lavish as it is comfortable. Synthetic leather and microfiber seats provide comfort and stability. The dazzling touchscreen display provides easy access to all of the vehicle’s extraordinary features. Wireless capabilities, voice command features, and dynamic cruise control are just a few of the highlights aboard the i4.The BMW i4 eDrive40 model starts at $55,400, while the M50 model begins at $65,900.

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