Is Electrify America Free For BMW?

June 12th, 2023 by

BMW EV drivers can receive complimentary charging services for up to two years with Electrify America. In order to qualify, drivers must enroll through the My BMW app.

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BMW Luxury Electric VehiclesElectrify America is the nation’s largest network of electric vehicle charging stations, with over 3500 public chargers available. Electrify America offers Level 2 and Level 3 charging to EVs of all makes and models. Some EV manufacturers have partnered with Electrify America to provide complimentary charging for vehicle owners. 

BMW is one such manufacturer. BMW drivers can use Electrify America charging stations for free for two years. Drivers who own a 2022 or newer BMW iX or i4 have access to this deal. However, drivers do not access free charging automatically. Here is how you can receive complimentary charging for your BMW EV with Electrify America.

How Can I Get Free Charging for my BMW?

BMW drivers do not automatically qualify for free charging with Electrify America. However, most BMW EV owners should be eligible. To qualify, drivers simply need to register through the My BMW app. My BMW is a multi-purpose app that provides access to a number of features and remote access to your BMW. Among those features is the ability to receive free charging.

The first step to getting free charging is to download the app on your smartphone and register your vehicle to your account. Once the vehicle is registered, you should find a section for “Electromobility”. Once on the Electromobility menu, select “Services”, followed by “Electrify America”. Once on the Electrify America page, select “Redeem a Premium Offer” if this is your first My BMW account. If you have another account, select “Transfer an Existing Premium Offer” instead. You will receive an enrollment code. Follow the instructions until your registration is complete.

Once all that is done, you will have access for free 30-minute charging sessions at any Electrify America Level 3 charging station for 2 years.

Where Can I Find Electrify America Charging Stations?

Electrify America has public charging stations across America. Charging stations can currently be found in all U.S. states except for Alaska, North Dakota, and Vermont. A full map of all Electrify America charging stations can be found here.

However, drivers can also use the My BMW app to locate nearby charging stations while on the road. Drivers can connect My BMW to their navigation system to find nearby compatible charging stations at any time. Any Electrify America stations within range should.

Are All Charging Sessions Free for BMW Drivers?

There are a few restrictions on how much free charging BMW drivers can receive. Individual charging sessions are limited to 30 minutes at a Level 3 DC Fast Charger. However, 30 minutes is all it takes for most BMW models to reach a full charge using DC Fast Charging.

In addition, drivers must wait at least 60 minutes between charging sessions. However, this also is unlikely to have a major impact. It is highly unlikely that your BMW will require multiple 30-minute fast charging sessions within one hour of each other.

The most important restrictions to be aware of are vehicle eligibility. 2022 or newer BMW iX and i4 models are eligible for two years of complimentary charging. 2023 BMW i7 models are eligible for three years of complimentary charging. Older BMW LEV models may not be eligible for this deal.

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