What is the Range of the 2023 BMW i7?

April 14th, 2023 by

The 2023 BMW i7 luxury electric sedan has an all-electric driving range of up to 321 miles.

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A silver 2023 BMW i3The BMW i7 is a new electric model from BMW introduced for the 2023 model year. The i7 instantly became one of the most stunning new luxury electric vehicles upon its release. In addition to its elegant appearance, the i7 also boasts exceptional performance. That includes both its powerful electric engine, and its superior driving range.

BMW i7 Range and Charging

The fully electric 2023 BMW i7 has a driving range of 295 miles, which is above average for an electric sedan as large and powerful as the i7.

The i7 can be charged using any at-home or public Level 2 or Level 3 charging stations. Using a 240V wall-mounted charger, the BMW i7 can charge from 0-100% in under 12 hours. Using public Level 3 charging stations, the i7 charges at a rate of 90 miles of range per 10 minutes.

BMW offers an 8-year/100,000 mile warranty on all new i7 models.

BMW i7 Electric Battery and Engine

The standard 2023 BMW i7 is built with a 101.7 kWh lithium-ion battery. In addition to its superior range, the i7 also offers one of the most powerful electric motors of any LEV model. The i7 gets up to 536 horsepower, going from 0-60 MPH in just 3.5 seconds.

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