Why Electric Cars Are Better on the Road?

October 11th, 2022 by

Electric vehicle owners enjoy a wide range of benefits, including lower maintenance costs, tax incentives, better fuel efficiency, and a quieter ride.

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Electric vehicle sales nearly doubled in the U.S. in 2021. Since 2017, electric vehicles have become much more common on the road, as sales expand across the country. Environmental concerns are often cited as the main reason to switch to electric vehicles, and for good reason. But reduced carbon emissions are not the only advantage drivers experience when they switch to electric vehicles. The driving experience in EVs offers numerous tangible advantages beyond a smaller carbon footprint.

Advantages of Driving an Electric Vehicle

Mini Cooper SE Luxury Electric Vehicle charging.Spend Less on Gas

No matter what kind of electric vehicle you drive, you will be saving a ton at the gas pump. Fully electric vehicles eliminate the need for gas, reducing your annual gas bill to $0. But even hybrid vehicles can help you save at the pump. 

Rising gas prices are one of the most often cited reasons to switch to electric vehicles. With most drivers spending north of $1000 annually at the pump, it’s no wonder why so many have been convinced to make the change.

Lower Cost of Maintenance

The savings don’t end at the gas pump when you drive an electric car. The electric motors in fully electric vehicles are much less complex than a standard gas combustion engine. This eliminates the need for a lot of routine maintenance and repairs, like oil changes. When your EV does encounter mechanical troubles, they are often easy and cheap to fix as well. This leads to consistent savings on maintenance over the life of an electric vehicle.

This is not to say that your EV does not require some maintenance. Battery maintenance is very important to the lifespan and performance of your electric vehicle.

Quieter DriveLexus LFZ Luxury Electric Vehicle

Many drivers are surprised at the lack of noise the first time they ride in an electric vehicle. This sensation may seem strange at first, but most drivers grow to love the silent ride very quickly.

Most of the noise that you hear when you start up a car comes from the engine. But the electric battery and motor found in electric vehicles don’t make nearly as much noise. This means the drive itself is much quieter, allowing you to enjoy your road trips and commutes with a little more peace.

Better Performance

In many ways, electric vehicles simply perform better on the road than their gas engine counterparts. Specifically, many electric vehicles are more responsive, with better handling and traction. This largely stems from the battery positioning and weight. The electric batteries and motors in electric vehicles are heavier than most combustion engines. They are also stored near the bottom of the vehicle, rather than at the front. This gives electric vehicles a lower center of gravity, which enhances steering and responsiveness.

Experiencing the Best Electric Vehicles

In addition to these general advances, many luxury electric vehicles are also on the cutting edge of current car technology. The best electric vehicles on the market are packed with some of the most advanced technology and safety features in the industry. Lavish interiors, built-in navigation systems, and advanced driving assistance are common features in many of the finest luxury electric vehicles from auto manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche.

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