What Types of Service Does a LEV Need?

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Although luxury electric vehicles do require less maintenance than traditional gas vehicles, some services are still essential for your car. Tire, brake, and windshield maintenance, air filter replacements, and fluid refills are all required to keep your LEV running smoothly. Proper battery maintenance will prolong the life and range of your LEV too – at Ray Catena, we’re your experts in luxury car service and we’re at the forefront of LEV maintenance.

Luxury electric vehicles routinely save their drivers money when it comes to maintenance and refilling. Charging your LEV at home is much cheaper than filling a tank with gas every week. LEVs also have fewer mechanical parts which require regular maintenance, meaning your mechanic bills will be fewer and farther between.

However, this does not mean that you never need to service your luxury electric vehicle. An LEV may require less work, but maintenance is still important if you plan to keep it running smoothly. Here are a few basic services that all luxury electric vehicles need.

Tire Maintenance

ServiceElectric vehicles do require different tires than gas engine vehicles. But this does not mean that you can neglect the tires on your LEV. Electric vehicles tend to be heavier than combustion engine vehicles. This means EV tires need to be able to handle more weight and have a better grip for longer braking distances. With that said, LEV tires are still made from rubber compounds, albeit more durable ones. So the same old tire maintenance can still be applied to your LEV tires.

This means rotating your tires every couple of months or thousands of miles. It also means checking your tire pressure consistently to help your LEV’s performance day to day.

Replace Fluids

Regenerative brakes are one of the most impressive features offered by luxury electric vehicles. But your EV’s brakes do still require normal maintenance. Your brake fluid will need to be changed consistently, though perhaps not quite as often as with traditional vehicles.

Your windshield wiper fluid will also require the same attention as with other vehicles. Windshield wiper technology is largely unchanged from combustion engine vehicles to EVs.

Replace Cabin Air Filters

Even in a luxury electric vehicle, you still need filters to keep your cabin air clean. Replacing your air filters every 30,000 miles or so is still a highly recommended service for luxury electric vehicles.

Battery Maintenance

MINI Cooper SE Luxury Electric VehicleOne type of service that is unique to electric vehicles is the routine battery upkeep that is required. Proper battery maintenance can help both your LEV’s charge range and battery life, making it a crucial service to perform.

Avoiding unnecessary strain on your battery is a very simple step to take to keep it running longer. It is generally recommended that you keep your battery’s charge between 20-80% most of the time. Consistently charging outside this range in either direction can cause the battery to degrade faster. You also want to avoid “topping off” the battery every night at home.

The battery is perhaps the most important part of your LEV, so maintaining it is extremely important. Monitor your battery life closely, and if you notice any dramatic changes, try to get it looked at. Most LEV manufacturers offer 8-year/100,000-mile battery warranties.

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