2023 BMW i7 Key Features

July 13th, 2023 by

Some of the key features found onboard the 2023 BMW i7 are its 536-horsepower electric powertrain, 296 miles of range, and automated driving assistance.

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A front look of a gray BMW i7.The 2023 BMW i7 is an all-electric luxury sedan that combines the best of power and elegance. The i7 offers an unmatched driving experience, featuring some of the most advanced techs from one of the world’s most trusted automakers, BMW. Want to learn more? Here are some of the highlights that you can expect from the 2023 BMW i7.


The 2023 BMW i7 is powered by a 101.7 kWh battery and dual electric motors. That drivetrain powers one of the most exhilarating electric vehicles on the road this year. The i7 delivers up to 536 horsepower and 549 lb.-ft. of torque using all electric power. That is enough to accelerate the i7 from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.1 seconds, with a top speed of 150 MPH.

Technology & Comfort

The 2023 BMW i7 is a large sedan that offers plenty of room for passengers to enjoy the ride. With nearly 40 inches of headroom, 41.2 inches of front legroom, and 42.8 inches of rear legroom, the i7 offers a spacious cabin. With seating for up to five passengers, there is plenty of comfort to go around in the i7.

The 2023 BMW i7 is also equipped with some of the best onboard technology that BMW has to offer. From a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and 14.9-inch information display, drivers and passengers can access all the features they need. These include built-in navigation, advanced climate control, and even custom lighting. The i7 also enables the best in connectivity, with available Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and 5G wireless access.

Range & Charging

The 2023 BMW i7 is one of the top-performing luxury electric vehicles this year in terms of driving range. The i7 is capable of traveling up to 296 miles on a single charge. That is enough to keep most drivers on the road without needing to recharge for several hours of driving time.

Charging the i7 is also convenient and easy. The i7 is compatible with most public Level 2 and Level 3 DC fast charging stations. Using a 240-volt Level 2 charger, the i7 can reach a full charge in just under 12 hours. With the option of installing a Level 2 charging station in the home, this is often the most convenient option for i7 owners. 

However, for speedy charging while on the road, the i7 can also be charged using most public DC fast charging stations. By connecting the i7 to the My BMW app, i7 drivers can receive complimentary 30-minute charging sessions at any public Electrify America charging station.


The 2023 BMW i7 is also equipped with all of the most advanced safety and driver-assistance features BMW has to offer. This includes a hands-free highway driving mode with automatic lane detection and automated parking assist. Other safety highlights include automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, and automated high-beam assist.

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