How Long Can You Drive A BMW i7 Before Needing To Charge?

July 18th, 2023 by

The BMW i7 has an electric driving range of 317 miles, making it one of the most efficient yet powerful choices for luxury electric driving.

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The BMW i7 tire.The 2023 BMW i7 was the debut model for the new i7 line of vehicles from BMW. The full-size, all-electric sedan boasts one of the most powerful electric powertrains on the road, generating over 400 horsepower. But that exceptional power does not come at the expense of efficiency. The i7 is also one of the longest-lasting electric sedans available this model year, too.

BMW i7 Range

The BMW i7 is available in three trim levels: the eDrive50, xDrive60, and the M70. The BMW eDrive50 and xDrive60 both have a range of around 317 miles on a single charge. The more powerful M70’s range tops out at around 295 miles. So, regardless of which model you choose, the BMW i7’s range is roughly 300 miles.

Charging Your BMW i7

The BMW i7 can be charged at most Level 1, 2, or 3 charging stations. Using a 240V Level 2 wall charger, the BMW i7 can reach a full charge in just under 12 hours. Using a Level 3 DC fast charger, the BMW i7 charges at a rate of 80 miles per every 10 minutes of charging.

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