What Is Electrify America?

June 8th, 2023 by

Electrify America is America’s largest network of public electric vehicle charging stations. Electrify America features both Level 2 and Level 3 chargers. Its charging stations are compatible with most modern electric vehicle models.

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Public charging infrastructure is one of the most important things in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. There are several different companies providing their own networks of public charging stations across the country. The largest of these is Electrify America.

Electrify America offers public Level 2 and Level 3 charging to EV drivers from coast to coast. Unlike other networks, like Tesla’s Superchargers, Electrify America’s charging stations are available to EVs of all makes and models.

How Many Charging Stations Does Electrify America Have?

As of Spring 2023, Electrify America has 800 full-size public charging stations in the U.S., with 112 more coming soon. Drivers can expect Electrify America’s network to expand even further as more people switch to electric vehicles.

Across Electrify America’s 800 public charging stations, they currently offer about 3500 DC Fast Chargers and 116 Level 2 chargers. DC Fast Chargers offer rapid charging speeds, usually requiring around 30 minutes for a full charge. Level 2 chargers are slower, and provide a charge over a longer period of time.

Electrify America currently has plans to expand to 49 states, plus the District of Columbia. Currently, only Alaska, North Dakota, and Vermont do not have any Electrify America charging stations.

North of the border, Electrify Canada is a partner program with a similar public charging network across Canada.

How Does Charging With an Electrify America Charging Station Work?

Using an Electrify America charging station for your EV is not too dissimilar from the process of filling up a car at the gas station. The difference, of course, is that electricity is a cleaner energy source than gas. Drivers pull up to the charging station, connect their vehicle using the charging cable, and leave their car to charge. Unlike filling up at a gas station, this process can take several minutes. The fastest charging times using DC Fast Chargers are around 30 minutes.

Electrify America charging stations are labeled according to connector type and available charging speeds. Once at the charger, drivers have a variety of payment options. Some models allow for “Plug & Charge” charging, in which payments are processed automatically once the vehicle is connected to the charger.

What Vehicle Models Are Compatible With Electrify America Chargers?

Most Electrify America chargers use CCS (Combined Charging System) connectors. This is by far the most common connector type used for electric vehicles. As a result, most new EV models are compatible with Electrify America charging stations.

How Much Does it Cost to Use an Electrify America Charging Station?

Like gas prices, electricity prices vary from one region to another. Electrify America customers pay per kilowatt hour (kWh) when charging their vehicles.  The average price is $0.48 per kWh.

Customers can also join the Pass+ Membership program to receive discounted rates at Electrify America charging stations. In addition, several EV manufacturers have partnerships with Electrify America that provide discounts and free charging sessions for a limited time.

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