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Jaguar I Pace Luxury Electric Vehicle Jaguar I Pace Luxury Electric Vehicle


The Jaguar I-PACE Electric Vehicle

The Jaguar I-PACE – Jaguar’s All-Electric Crossover SUV

English auto brand Jaguar, the name behind numerous classic luxury sports cars, has now entered the world of electrified luxury. The I-PACE is Jaguar’s premier luxury electric vehicle (LEV), and the 2022 model is the brand’s most innovative yet. Not only does this electric crossover SUV provide a clean, low-emissions alternative to gas-powered cars, it also tears up the road with surprisingly high performance ratings.

You might be surprised to learn what this electric SUV is capable of. The I-PACE has an incredibly sophisticated driving style, a beautifully appointed cabin, and a meticulously designed exterior with distinctive elegance. If you want an LEV that drives like other top sports vehicles – and looks better doing it – the I-PACE is for you.

Below are some of the most important details about the 2022 model, including its technology, safety measures, speed, and where to shop for the Jaguar I-PACE luxury car.

Jaguar I Pace Luxury Electric Vehicle

The I-PACE Jaguar Luxury EV: Advancement and Class in One

The 2022 I-PACE is a case study in classic luxury and next-level technology in perfect harmony. Take, for instance, the leather upholstered seats, which look iconically Jaguar but have heating and cooling features for all-seasons comfort. Even during long drives, your I-PACE captain’s seat will remain comfortable.

Expansive Cargo — This is a true luxury SUV, and it shows. Access the spacious cargo bay with the help of a power-operated liftgate, which remotely opens and closes for simplified storage. The cabin is full of storage compartments that are neatly designed for depth and not bulk.

Drive with Convenience and Safety — No need to avert your eyes from the road while driving the Jaguar I-PACE luxury car. Just use the Head Up display, a standard feature that streams important driver information like current speed and rpm directly onto the lower part of your windshield. Head Up provides info in the perfect position: it’s within your vision but placed low and to the side, so it doesn’t block your view of the road ahead of you. The Head Up display even streams navigation instructions right onto the screen.

State-of-the-Art Connectivity — Enjoy crisp, immersive sound quality thanks to its world-class audio system, available at no extra charge. The 2022 Jaguar I-PACE also includes a complimentary 4G data plan. Stay connected on the go by using the I-PACE as a hotspot or browsing the internet on the quick infotainment display. You can also keep your smart devices fully charged thanks to wireless charging units.

The Latest in Active Safety Technology — The I-PACE Jaguar luxury EV isn’t only about thrills and comfort; it’s also made for optimal safety. Jaguar has imbued the 2022 I-PACE with innovative safety measures, including a 360-degree camera with sensors that actively read your surroundings as you drive. Other safety features include standard adaptive cruise control – a feature that most auto brands charge extra for – and lane-keeping assist. Blind-spot monitoring, automated emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and other collision prevention features also come standard. You’ll drive with total peace of mind behind the wheel of a 2022 I-PACE.

Thrilling Performance Drives — The I-PACE evokes adrenaline, no gas or diesel power necessary. Thanks to its dual electric motors, this performance SUV is capable of 394 horsepower and 512 lb-ft of torque. Easily accelerate and decelerate through city traffic or fast highway traffic with excellent sports steering and advanced braking systems that offer satisfying feedback. Torque vectoring delivers sportscar-level agility, and its aerodynamic body encourages you to climb into max speed ratings of 124 mph.

Advanced Transmission Like Nothing Else — Unlike other vehicles, the I-PACE doesn’t have a conventional transmission. Rather, it relies on a system called JaguarDrive, which instantly delivers power from 0 to 12,000 rpm–no clunky gear shift interruptions or manual controls involved. Paired with Jaguar’s all-wheel-drive system, the 2022 I-PACE is smooth and instantly responsive to your commands, delivering exceptional performance.

Active air suspension smooths out even fast drives on bumpy roads, while configurable dynamics allow you to adjust the car’s engineering for performance driving, city driving, and other conditions. Almost no other vehicle gives you such generous control over its features like throttle sensitivity and damper stiffness. If you want to learn more about the Jaguar difference, visit Ray Catena for detailed info about how uniquely this vehicle performs.

Charging the Jaguar I-PACE Electric Crossover

The I-PACE relies on 100% electricity – no need to fuel up at the gas station. Instead, you’ll charge your car as you would any other electronic appliance. Thanks to the I-PACE’s exceptional driving range of up to 253 miles, if you charge overnight, you’ll rarely, if ever, need to charge out on the road. When you do, charging is fast and can get you moving again quickly.

Don’t worry about running low on battery power while you’re on the road. Your I-PACE Jaguar luxury EV has a smart feature that not only informs you that you’re low on battery but finds you the nearest charging station. It can even determine if a station is within your driving range.

There are multiple ways to charge up the 2022 I-PACE, including an 11 kWh onboard charger for fast at-home refueling. For even faster charging, install the Level 2, 240-volt home charger into any standard outlet. You’ll then be set up for efficient overnight charging and several days of electric driving. If you want to learn more about making the switch to electric driving, including a tutorial on how to charge up the I-PACE, contact or visit a Ray Catena Auto Group dealership.

Find a Jaguar I-PACE for Sale at Ray Catena

For all its refinement and commitment to 100% electricity, the 2022 Jaguar I-PACE luxury car starts at only $69,900. Get to know this incredible crossover SUV at Ray Catena — the Legend in Electrified Luxury.

Visit a Ray Catena Jaguar dealership in New Jersey or New York to explore the Jaguar I-PACE, see its luxurious styling for yourself, and even test drive a model. We proudly serve the public with the finest luxury electric vehicles. Visit us today or shop online to find your next vehicle and apply for financing at your convenience.


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