How Long Can You Drive a MINI Cooper SE Before You Need to Charge?

June 21st, 2022 by

The MINI Cooper SE is MINI’s first electric vehicle. The 2022 SE has an estimated charge range of 115 miles on a single charge.

The MINI Cooper is one of the most iconic luxury vehicles on the market. In 2020 MINI made its electric debut with the MINI Cooper SE. The latest model of the MINI Cooper SE can get up to 115 miles on a single charge.

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Mini Cooper SE Luxury Electric VehicleLike most luxury electric vehicles, the MINI Cooper SE is sold with a complimentary charging cable. This charging cable is compatible with 120V or 240V outlets. With a 240V AC charge, the Cooper SE can charge at a rate of approximately 20% per hour. This makes it a relatively fast-charging electric car. Using DC fast charging, the MINI Cooper SE can reach a full charge in just over a half hour. At Ray Catena Auto Group, we’re always ready to answer your most pertinent LEV questions.

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