What is the Range of the 2023 MINI SE Countryman?

April 26th, 2023 by

The 2023 MINI SE Countryman plug-in hybrid electric vehicle has an electric-only driving range of 17 miles. Using electric and gas power combined, the SE Countryman has 73 MPGe.

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The 2023 MINI Countryman PHEVThe 2023 MINI SE Countryman is a new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle model from MINI. It joins the MINI Cooper SE Hardtop in MINI’s lineup of electric vehicles. Whereas the SE Hardtop is fully electric, the SE Countryman is a plug-in hybrid model. This means it can operate on both gas and electric power separately. Drivers can charge the SE Countryman at an electric charging station, or fill up at a gas station.

When using only electric power, the 2023 MINI Cooper SE Countryman has a driving range of 17 miles. In total, the Countryman has an estimated MPGe (Miles Per Gallon equivalent) of 71.

Charging the 2023 MINI SE Countryman

The 2023 MINI SE Countryman can be charged at any home or public charging station, just like most other electric vehicle models. Using a Level 2 charger, the SE Countryman can reach a full charge in just 2.5 hours. While its 17 miles of range is not enough to sustain long trips, it is ideal for more efficient daily commutes. The short charging times also make it convenient to get back on the road quickly without relying on gas power.

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