Which is Faster, the Porsche Taycan or the Tesla Model S?

June 17th, 2022 by

The Tesla Model S Plaid is the fastest electric vehicle available, with the manufacturer claiming top speeds of 200 MPH. However, the standard Model S tops out at 155 MPH. The standard Porsche Taycan has a top speed of 143 MPH, but related models can reach up to 161 MPH. At Ray Catena Auto Group, we want our customers to test drive our excellent LEV options and see the performance these vehicles are capable of themselves.

Two of the fastest luxury electric vehicles ever designed are the Porsche Taycan and the Tesla Model S. Measuring their respective speeds against one another seems like it should be a straightforward task. However, it’s not quite that simple because both EVs come in multiple different models. Each model is capable of achieving different speeds. Here is a breakdown of the different speeds of the different models of each EV.

Standard Taycan vs. Standard Model S

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Luxury Electric VehicleWhen you hear about the Tesla Model S breaking EV speed records, you are not hearing about the standard Model S. The standard Model S maxes out at “only” 155 MPH. That is a very impressive speed for an electric vehicle, but it’s not a record.

However, in a comparison with the Porsche Taycan, the standard Tesla Model S does win, but not by much. The Taycan’s standard model tops out at a robust 143 MPH. The Model S also wins out in terms of horsepower, with 670, compared to the Taycan’s 402. This also gives the Model S the advantage in acceleration speeds. The Taycan accelerates from 0-60 in 5.1 seconds, while the Model S takes just 3.1 seconds.

Faster standard model: Tesla Model S

All Taycan Models vs. All Model S Models

Porsche Taycan Luxury Electric VehiclesOne area where the Taycan undeniably has the advantage over the Model S is in the sheer number of options. Buyers have two options when it comes to the Tesla Model S: standard and Plaid. Those shopping for a Porsche Taycan, meanwhile, have distinct models to choose from. Several of those models are faster than both the standard Taycan and the standard Model S. There are six distinct Taycan models that are capable of traveling 155 MPH, which would put them in a tie with the standard Model S. The Taycan Turbo and Turbo S, meanwhile, can reach speeds of 161 MPH. This obviously puts these two models ahead of the standard model of the Tesla Model S

However, if we are comparing all Taycan models to all Tesla Models, then we must also include the Tesla Model S Plaid. The Plaid is the model that is reportedly shattering EV speed records. According to the manufacturer, the Plaid has 1020 horsepower and is capable of reaching 200 MPH. However, these claims are widely disputed by most online journals. Tesla suggests that the 200 MPH capabilities are unlockable with the right upgrades. For now, most reviews of the Model S Plaid suggest that it can reach speeds of at least 162 MPH. This makes it exactly 1 MPH faster than the fastest Taycan models. However, according to Car and Driver, the Model S handles insufficiently at that speed, which is certainly worth consideration.

Fastest overall model: Tesla Model S Plaid, though top speeds are disputed.

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